Nothing But Trouble



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Chevy Chase as Chris Thorne
Demi Moore as Diane Lightson
John Candy as Dennis / Eldona
Dan Aykroyd as Judge Alvin 'J.P' Valkenheiser / Bobo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by flhero311 8 / 10

Give this movie a try before you pass it by...

I, unlike a lot of others, found this movie to be extremely funny- both in a smart way and a sort of gross out way. Chevy Chase is really funny with his sort of smart-ass, dry wit, probably his best performance after Christmas Vacation. From the movies I've seen Demi Moore in, this ranks as her best and shows that she can do comedy. Dan Akroyd and John Candy each pull double duty in this one and do it well- I couldn't even tell the second character Dan was playing until the credits rolled. The sets are unreal- from the junkyard (complete with piles and PILES of random junk and the Baby Huey-esquire Lil' Debil and Bobo) to the house of the honorable judge, it's hard to believe they actually put this together. Don't take everybody's word, check it out and you won't be sorry...

Reviewed by hilltom12 10 / 10

When an entertaining film becomes a flop

I think I watched this film first on television and liked it....then I bought the DVD years later and loved it. I find this flick amusing, imaginative with good performances. So why was this film an ultimate flop at the box office? I didn't watch this picture because of any special actors who play in it. I believe a reason for this one being a flop is that people have a certain expectation if movie stars they love are performing...They are frustrated when they don't recognize Dan Aykroyd in make-up, when John Candy plays entertaining but without being overly funny and when Demi Moore is not as heart-wrenching as in 'Ghost'. That is and will be always an issue if you are a filmmaker for instance and have stars in your picture. They pull away quite some focus from the rest of the movie...Also, this film is a little gross at times and maybe for a big budget comedy people where not ready for that yet. I'd say this film was ahead of its time. One prove for that, supposedly 'Nothing but Trouble' has achieved a little cult status over the years.

Reviewed by ait 10 / 10

A surreal comedy.

This film is bound to become a cult legend, and shows Dan Aykroyd at his finest. I highly recommend it to anyone who finds humor in the absurd. The film, though bizarre, reflects society in an uncanny way. Somehow, the characters portrayed in the movie seem strangely familiar, and this can even be unsettling (where have I seen them before?). A lot of work went into this film, and it should, IMHO, be taken very seriously as comic art of the highest form. I gave it this film a 9 out of 10!

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