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Reviewed by justinwadebkk 2 / 10


I was reading Hilaryswan2011 review and it was not a review but a rant about stuff that has nothing to do with the movie. Who is this person and what are they talking about. They never mention the plot, nor the story, nor the characters and etc. They admit they left the theater within first 5 minutes. Just barely enough to see the opening credits and yet they gave the movie a 1 star. How is that possible without seeing the entire movie. This review is bogus and written by someone who cares less about the movie and more about respect for writers and irrelevant stuff about Gala Television and how other countries like Japan, France, and USA plagiarize their moview from Taiwan and China. Anyway, I have seen the movie and although it is not great with cheap CGI and bad dialogue, and worse acting. It is ok to watch. It does seem like it was a movie made for TV with it's limited budget though so beware of the cheapness. It is very low grade and poor quality and not worthy being liked to the other 2 tag along movies. I just saw it because I liked the other 2. This one was kind of a waste of time. Over all, I would not bother seeing this movie. Everything is just bad.

Reviewed by hilaryswank2011 1 / 10

"KUPA MANDUKA" Ju-On Tempura is Made in KMT

I saw it at KMT run Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival in this year as a guest. And I still seriously mention a fact that 'A little Girl in Red Dress' (Hong Yi Xiao Nü Hai) was created by Gala Television and the family who shot that V8 home video. Is there any respect for the original creators (copyright holders) of the urbon legend program?

Original Creators were disrespected by KMT film production

I never saw any original film or TV drama that free from plagiarism and imitations of US, Japan, Hong Kong and France stuff. For example, TV stations require writers to do imitation, and the so called 'indipendent writers' clame themselves are critics of that kind of phenomenon, however they themselves are living in that kind of culture and legacies.

For its film content and quality, it's the same with other Taiwan made film stuffs including so called 'Hong Yi Xiao Nü Hai' series that I had to left the cinema within the first 5 minutes. Extremely boring and meaningless. There is no insightful knowledge even about the topic they chose.

I think they should solve the copyright issues first with the Gala Television and the family who shot that V8 home video. Then, should do more professional research about Taiwan legendary tales that village people really think about the topic.

Mô-sîn-á is not a ghost like Taichung urban people think of, but it is a spiritually invisible shadow of the past especially in the Japanese colonial era (1895-1945), it is nether a monster nor a Ju-On-like evil spirit at all. It does not kill anybody, not evil, it just comes to a near mountain village to call children to bring them to the mountain for a few days. It is clear enough that Hong Yi Xiao Nü Hai is a fictional character which created by the Gala Television and the family who shot that V8 home video. Moreover, Mô-sîn-á is not an antagonist of traditional Taiwanese mountain village elders especially who had lived through the Japanese colonial era. KMT can't mix them up.

In conclusion, I never saw any insightful social view and class consciousness in both Taiwan films and TV. And you should not forget that we actually already achieved our aim that making well made theatrical feature genre film you KMT bureaucrats hated politically.

Freedom of Expression should be respected by the marketing team of this film.

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