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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jrmeretis 6 / 10

Interesting and engaging, except for the disappointing ending

The ending just left everything hanging. There were too many loose ends and no explanations. I'm fine with films that maybe don't explicitly explain everything, but where the viewer can figure it out on its own based on the clues given. But this wasn't like that. There were no clues or hints or anything

It seemed more like the creators just came up with the main idea (a cam girl getting her identity stolen), but couldn't figure out a way to tie everything together, and couldn't come up with a rhyme or reason for anything. And so the creators just vaguely blamed it on this nondescript "it"--that the viewer never learns anything about--that for no reason makes copies of cam girls, with slightly altered personalities

It had potential, but it didn't follow through. It was like a murder mystery that in the end has some unsatisfying "it was this random homeless guy all along who had no motive" type of ending. What was the entity? Why did it do this? What happened to all the other girls it did this to? It was just anticlimactic

The film could have gone with at least an extra half hour to its runtime and at least twice as much thought / planning on the part of the creators into the actual story to help sum everything up in a coherent fashion. As it stands, I enjoyed how much of it there was (the characters were interesting and engaging, the acting was good, the build-up was well executed), but it felt incomplete, like only the first fragment of a full idea

Reviewed by pierre-69492 2 / 10

What did I just watch!?

So, basically, not a single explanation of what is going on, a random ending... At first it was sorta intriguing (mostly because it reflexes also what happens on real social networks), but after that? Feels like a BAD Black Mirror episode, stretched to double the length, with half the quality. Avoid.

Reviewed by mudvayne-90245 5 / 10


I just watched this movie and for the most part it kept me intrigued to know what's going on. In saying that I'm not really sure I enjoyed it, I just kept watching to see how it ended.

I think the character Tinker wasn't really developed well enough. Mostly I think this movie holds your attention because its about the 'dark' side of the internet.

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