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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by qsmason 1 / 10

Too confusing!

Oh man this was a terrible movie and I can usually find some good qualities in about anything I watch but not this one. It had so much psychological babel and backwardness that it was too hard to keep up with what was real and what was in the main characters mind. I am left not understanding much of what I just watched. Don't waste your time with this stinker.

Reviewed by TwistedContent 6 / 10

An Aesthetically Pleasant Indie Art-house

I've been excited to see "Starfish" since I saw the trailer a month or two ago - my expectations were wrong, but not in a bad way.

"Starfish" is a worthy entry in the indie sci-fi genre, it reminded me of the works by Zal Batmanglij & Britt Marling, and also Von Triers "Melancholia". Visually it's quite impressive actually, very simple, but carefully executed. Cinematography is rich and creative, editing's crafty and done with a sure hand, there's a subtle amount of decent cgi & color grading is on point. The visual atmosphere is accompanied by a fitting, raw original score.

The story is narrow, questions won't be answered & that's alright. Be warned and don't come looking for substance and logic in "Starfish". While there's not a lot of action (close to none) & the pacing is slow, even draggy at moments, it's the atmosphere and emotional side of the story that should hold your attention, it did hold mine, to some extent. Feel for the character, watch in silence and you might just get mesmerised by the simplest things - there were a few, short movie magic moments. Personally, I liked the drama part more than the sci-fi part, there are thoughts put in this film, however metaphoric. The main character, by the way, is acted out well, props for that.

A lot of people say that "Starfish" is unique - I disagree, it's been done before, different styles, maybe less style. There's no doubt that this is a style-over-substance kind of movie & I happen to love them. Oh and I would hardly call this a horror movie, it's a sci-fi drama. Who do I recommend this to? Art-house lovers, low-budget indie sci-fi fans & for those who like style-over-substance slow-burners. Those were my honest thoughts on this inside-out-indie avantgarde flick. My rating: 6/10.

Reviewed by laceydelrae 2 / 10

I sat through this drudgery - so you don't have to

I'm a huge horror and sci fi fan and had such high hopes for this movie. I was giddy and sooo let down. Most of the movie is basically just her at her best friends apartment lying in bed, lying on the couch, lying on the floor or sitting somewhere lost in her sadness. Sadness which I could never understand or feel. The director never gave the audience anything to know about these characters on a deeper level to make us care about them. This is not a horror or sci fi movie (well slightly sci fi but a let down). It's a drama movie with 4 different monsters and no answers. I guess I'm not the right audience for this movie. Nothing was tied up at the end. Or even slightly tied up. After reading more about the movie AFTER wasting 1 hour and 40 minutes. I guess the film wants us to become Audrey and feel her grief rather than understand it. At 1 hour 15 minutes there was a scene between the girls where her best friend appeared to her. Her friend Grace just kept telling her to be happy and Audrey just kept saying that she couldn't be happy because she cheated and she'll never forgive herself. At that moment I thought maybe there is a deeper relationship between these two, maybe we'll get some back story. I was like FINALLY we're gonna learn something about these two friends that makes us give a root about their misery. Mind you this was 20 minutes before the end of the movie. That one scene tugged at my heart strings a little but then nothing came after it that could help me relate or understand what was going on .

I kept sitting through this long slow painful movie with barely any talking and her just laying around various parts of the house. I read this movie is all about symbolism and I think I see what they're trying to do but it was a major fail. She encountered a couple monsters along the way but I think the monsters are more symbolic of the monster inside her than anything else. At one point she plays a selection of songs in order Broadcasting the signal that brought the monsters to her in the first place. I think the movie is trying to say something about how the things we love most can destroy us. And also how our actions have consequences even if they're done with good intentions. Also about how we sometimes jump to the conclusion, thinking we know what's right, even though we haven't taken the time to understand.

Overall I understand what the film was trying to accomplish and I just kept expecting the movie to have an aha moment where it all comes together beautifully, and I kept waiting for that moment and I waited 10 minutes after the movie ended and now this morning i'm still waiting .... still waiting.

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