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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 1 / 10

its a debut

This is nothing more than a camera lurking behind the perputrators back, with unclear closeups shaded by changing light and dark, with an amateurish acting like an homemade bondage web cam video,where you can almost hear the breathing of the cameraman, and start to wonder how they could afford to buy a smokemachine and not being suffocated in the dense smoke in the prison dungeon. this is homemade stuff with not so much horror than violence that seems dense and painfull, and if you can avoid it, dont look at it, its pure newbie trash thinks the grumpy old man

Reviewed by springeroscar 8 / 10

I love the dark concept

I like the film's concept in that it is about something that is dark and very much a possibility in the real world. There is no doubt there are sick minded individuals out there who target those who are the most vulnerable such as children. I can say after watching the film, it did a great job at getting me furious. Although the tension wasn't always there throughout the film, for the most part it was and that's because of the unknown of what will happen next. There are not a lot of films in my opinion that can give an idea of what a torturer would do in a usually unrealized situation so that kept me at the edge of my seat. When it comes to the things that happen to the kidnapped girl, could it have become gorier and darker? Of course, but I'm thinking the director took this into consideration and decided it was best for the film to approach the concept with sensitivity than glorify the event. As film makers we need to be careful as how to approach these sensitive and delicate concept that for many are offensive. As a starting film, this decision was for the best. This kind of film is not for the general public, however in my opinion the general public watching something like this would be great in bringing more awareness to a dark possibility in the real world. There is value in this film. For a starting film, I believe it was good. One thing that I felt was off was the ending, but I can understand why it was written that way. I thought some of it was unnecessary and in my opinion unrealistic in the kidnapped girls actions but maybe? I wouldn't know.

Reviewed by thehorroritis 5 / 10

First film from a first time filmaker.

At first glimpse, this might not seem like much. It's rough around the edges, but considering the budget was less than a thousand dollars, it's not bad for a first go.

There's really nothing wrong with this movie that couldn't be improved by just making more films.

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