Gidget Gets Married



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Don Ameche as Otis Ramsey
Elinor Donahue as Medley Blaine
Paul Lynde as Louis B. Latimer
Joan Bennett as Claire Ramsey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by glamourina 1 / 10

This movie really blows

The only redeeming qualities are Paul Lynde and the suuuuuuper cringy wedding vows. Seriously the dumbest, cheesiest movie.

Reviewed by lutheranchick 2 / 10

Not very charming

While the actors in the film try their best, the script is really terrible, and the film has fairly cheap and crummy production values. Oddly enough, there are only the slightest references to surfing and the beach lifestyle that "Gidget" represents-- for example, Gidget buys her husband a pair of surfboard cuff links, and they honeymoon at the beach. The story is a generic sitcom one about Gidget's struggles as a "young married"-- her husband works too hard for a demanding company, etc. that was already out of date by the time this film was made. For example, as soon as she marries, Gidget quits her job as a schoolteacher to become a full-time housewife, even though she doesn't have any children yet.

Reviewed by thatcameraguy 2 / 10

Gidget Lays an Egg

"Gidget Gets Married" is probably the worst of the Gidget films (an argument could be made for "Gidget Goes to Rome"). There are some good performances in it: Paul Lynde returns as Louis B. Latimer, and Don Amiche is actually pretty funny as Jeff's stuffed shirt boss. Monie Ellis is good enough as Gidget--and awfully pretty, sporting the sweetest buck tooth smile. Michael Burns is fairly lame as Jeff (whose last name is Stevens in this incarnation; what's up with that?). At the end of the day though, the best actors in the world would be hard pressed to save this poor excuse for a screenplay; this dog has fleas.

"Gidget Gets Married" is a 1972 ABC MOW, and it smells like one.

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