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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by carltellin 10 / 10

Liar, liar, pants on fire at 21,000ft!

Wonderful film about people at the bottom of the food chain standing up for their rights against the foreign companies and their own government who are using them. This is the story you never see in stupid Hollywood movies like "Everest".

Climbing Everest has become a huge industry where rich foreigners pay climbing expedition companies like Russell Brice's Himalayan Experience large amounts of money (up to a 100000 USD) to fulfill their "dream" to climb and reach the top of the mountain. The local Sherpas who are climbing experts are hired to take all the biggest risks and lay the path for the foreigners but are only paid a small fraction (5000 USD per climb) of what the company earns. The Nepalese government also takes a big cut (about one third) with out providing any benefits or insurances for the Sherpas or their families.

Russel Brice personifies everything that is wrong with this industry. In front of the camera he lies several times to his clients (the foreign climbers), about the Sherpas being threatened to have their legs broken by some of their own people if they continue climbing. He is basically trying to vilify some of the Sherpas and turn them against each other, instead of taking any responsibility when all they are doing is demanding fair treatment and payment. Russell also tells his clients that the Sherpas and their families will have nothing to eat if they don't climb which we later in the film see is simply not true. They have other sources of income and their families don't even want them to climb. I can only hope this guy goes out of business soon!!!

Reviewed by grizzledgeezer 10 / 10

British imperialism is alive and well.

Isn't that grand?

Russell Brice, the New Zealand owner of Himalayan Experience, is the sort of person one would cross the street simply to kick in the shins (or worse).

His attitude towards the Sherpa is, at best, patronizing. He calls them "boys", and insists their unhappiness has been provoked by outside agitators. (One is surprised he doesn't say "Communists".)

His attempts to communicate comprise utterly disingenuous remarks ("Please tell me if I've done anything to anger you"), and empty platitudes ("We've got to keep moving forward"). Nowhere does he suggest that the Sherpa's concerns are more important than the continued success of his business, complaining at one point that he can't recoup the cost of rope if the climb is canceled.

"Sherpa" is nothing if not an attack on the way the gross materialism of Western "culture" corrupts almost everything it touches. No longer do you have to struggle to put together your own expedition. The Sherpa "boys" will do //all// the work for you. Just fork over a lot of money. One is reminded of films in which African bearers lug the accoutrements of the Western wealthy, so they can have a comfortable journey.

Reviewed by plparshall 9 / 10

good perspective from the Sherpa POV

Hard to say - what was left on the editing floor but, it appeared to be from the Sherpa's perspective. One theme which rang through to me was the old 19th Century Master/Slave, Explorer/guide, Great White Warrior theme. And yes, during one of the down time cooling off talks one of the climbers did ask who "owned" the Sherpa who was making the trouble. I have never been over there but to me it seemed to be the Sherpa/Climber relationship has grown from the original 1953 Hillary climb where the climber's held the upper hand and the Sherpa's were subordinate - this film documents the reconsideration of that previous relationship. So it is a worthwhile documentary which I think all interested in climbing will enjoy. Now, personally for me, it's another crack in the wall of white supremacy, imperialism, whatever you want to call it. The hubris of these climbers who "brave Everest" when everything is prepared, lugged, cooked, constructed, behind the scenes by Sherpas is sickening. Their indignity at the Sherpas who dare have an opinion is amazing. Their insensitivity to local loss of life is embarrassing. Using the white supremacy term is serious so let me explain further. There is a movement in Congree to make the Buffalo our National Mammal. Ludicrous. We Europeans wiped out the Buffalo - some for sport some for tongues, and most tragically because we wanted to starve/force the Indians to the reservations so we could steal their land. One of the most noble civilizations ever along with the Buddhists and we wiped them out because we had our Manifest Destiny. What we are/were looking for could be found in the Indian way of life we destroyed. Ditto for chapter 2: the black man. We rape and slave them right out of Africa and act like it's their fault when they are "freed" and try to adapt to be 2nd class citizens. So we put a black on our money and make the Buffalo our national mammal - all fixed? Sorry for the rant but we treat the Sherpas with the same European contempt.

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