One Last Thing



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lastlove2 7 / 10


It is simple but complex at the same time. Wendell Pierce is great and brings sincerity to all his roles Jurnee Smollett-Bell brings a special touch to the movie as well It may have a few holes in it but its honest and for most part moving Its not a long film but that suits the story In the end some people wait to be kind just because they can! Have some tissues handy but for few different reasons

Reviewed by uberdonkey6 7 / 10

Touching, understated

A simple movie, but not necessarily predictable (the main twist in the plot I didn't see coming). This film deserves a high rating: it's not high drama, but instead is beautifully understated. I enjoyed the acting as none of the characters were incomprehensibly evil, overly emotional or crazy. They were just simple caring people in an unusual situation. Some aspects of the plot were a little unbelievable, but it didn't spoil the overall story which is a positive message of love for our fellow human, and compassion. So many films are about romantic love or defending the family or other selfish methods of preserving our own genes. This film reaches something about how it is to empathise with someone else, and how love doesn't have to be selfish or even logical, but is just how we are. Yep, can be considered a family movie, but I feel that denegrates what is actually a well filmed, nicely acted and simple but beautiful story. Yup, I cried. And as a late 40s ex military, it wasn't cos of something pathetic and superficial, but because of something touching and profound. I recommend this to everyone over 16 (younger people can watch and enjoy it but probably will find it difficult sympathising with a protagonist who is much older, dealing with meeting his daughter for the first time in 20 years).

Reviewed by natcalgary 5 / 10

A family drama that will pull at your heart strings

I usually don't watch these kinds of movies but decided to give it a try. The acting was good and the story line was emotional. It was predictable where the story was going, but still managed to bring those heart felt moments.

Great for a family movie.


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