Two If by Sea


Comedy / Crime / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 11%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 23%
IMDb Rating 5.2 10 5109


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Denis Leary as Francis 'Frank' O'Brien
Stephen Dillane as Evan Marsh
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mattymatt4ever 7 / 10

Funny movie, but more appealing to Denis Leary fans

I am a big fan of Denis Leary, and I thought this was a damn funny movie. The plot is cut-and-dry (the little plot that exists), but it works out nicely as a comedy, mostly due to Leary's funny dialogue and humorous arguments between him and Bullock. I think Bullock was miscast, though. She did an OK job, but her accent drifted many times. If you like Leary, you'll probably have a great time. I especially loved the scene where Leary was going fishing and he shoots one of the fish. Then he cooks it up, serves it up to Bullock and she spits out a bullet. That was classic. But for non-Leary might not enjoy it as much. I don't consider him an acquired taste, but his foul-mouthed banter doesn't appeal to everyone.

Reviewed by xredgarnetx 7 / 10

Minor gem

A blonde Sandra B. and her beau of longstanding, played by the equally blond Dennis Leary, romp their way through a romantic comedy having to do with a bunch of small-time crooks and a very valuable stolen painting. Shot in scenic Nova Scotia, the backgrounds are absolutely gorgeous, and Bullock and Leary have great rapport that makes their rocky relationship very believable. FBI agent Yaphet Koto is along for the ride in a role similar to the one he essayed in MIDNIGHT RUN. Leary co-wrote this, In a manner reminiscent of Donald Westlake -- which is a very good thing, if you know who Westlake is. If not, look him up. Leary is consistently Leary (maybe he was born a fully developed adult), while Bullock in 1996 is growing into the superstar that we know today. She's playing a role that might have been Julia Roberts' a few years before, as she did in several other pictures prior to SPEED and MISS CONGENIALITY, which she made her own.

Reviewed by Sax 10 / 10

A little harsh "John Wright" the movie is pretty decent

This movie is best explained by the staff at IMdb.I thought it was funnier than s**t.The plot wasn't really important for this movie to be worth watching.I haven't seen Leary ever play a bad role or stand up & I guess one would have to understand his humor,and if you do you will enjoy "Two if by Sea".If you don't like a movie,one can criticize,without such an outrage of anger.Come on!It's just the movies on a friendly database.Lighten up Mr. Wright.

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