De dirigent


Biography / Drama

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Richard Sammel as Karl Muck
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vincent_lin 9 / 10

very meaningful true story

Aside from the current 6.9 rating, I hope it gets much higher rating, the story itself is already amazing, there is depth in this story, bring the viewer's view of how a women become an outstanding musician conductor and characteristic itself is very reasoned. yeah, maybe there might be some subtle scene there can be improved, but i couldn't find any, i just find that the actor, the story, the lightning and the dramatic moment is well composed and serves its purpose.After finished watching it, it strengthen my point of views, everything serve a purpose but, there must be a beneficial meaning behind it which lead us to eternal success, i think most of us tends to give up because reality make us live in fear, but it is because life is about suffering so why not try to enjoy it and live in a meaningful ways of live.

Reviewed by sarper-saridal 10 / 10

So touching...

Loved the end. Especially when it says a magazine don't have a women conductor in the top 50 list. I did not get upset about it. The point was not about to be in the top of somewhere. There may be hundreds of conductors who may deserve to be in that list maybe some are better. The point is to be good at what you are doing and leaving behind good vibrations behind to follow your path to go forward. That is a better exceptional success level...

Reviewed by rahngerhard 8 / 10

More attention on women in History

This is a very good movie to shine more light in women in history, from whom you have never heard before. Excellent acting even in smaller parts. Although the film is a bit long, you are eager to know how the story ends. I enjoyed the music,the picture quality and the acting.

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