Patriot Games


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan
Sean Bean as Sean Miller
Thora Birch as Sally Ryan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cinemajesty 7 / 10

With Declarations To Live Free Or Die Hard

Movie Review: "Patriot Games" (1992)

Paramount Pictures switches leading actors from Alec Baldwin to Harrison Ford as further designated as from the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) acclaimed character of Jack Ryan, who must turn to action from in a viciously-executed terror attack on the Prince of Wales and his wife in mid-town London, when this highly-atmospheric suspense thriller based on a book from 1987 written by Tom Clancy (1947-2013) putting a microscopic as political view on a homeland-threatening "war-on-terror" theme outgoing from heart-breaking personal retaliation mission by the fulminate cast nemesis-character of Sean Miller, performed by Sean Bean in fully-engaging action beating manners, accelerating the picture directed by Phillip Noyce into patriotic chase from at that time remaining splinter cells of Irish Republican Army (IRA), who fought the Irish War on Independence from the British ruling United Kingdom (UK) for more then 50 years in the aftermath of World-War-1 (1914-1918).

"Patriot Games" remains an Hollywood entertainment movie of the highest order, open for revisits under the restriction that any audience shall be advised to do some research in the now more or less resolved British-Irish conflict since an formally-received announcement in 2005, when suspense takes two peaks in a highway car-raging chase of family murder attempts and night-vision raid on U.S. American soil, where Miller's brother-avenging, ultra-advanced trained and geared death squad stealth-sneaks into never-seen-before conservative home of CIA-analyst Jack Ryan and his loving wife, portrayed by match-making actress Anne Archer, put to defend herself violently, when the message of "Patriot Games" becomes what the United States stand for since their own declaration of independence from the British Empire on July 4th, 1776.

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Reviewed by virek213 9 / 10

Jack Ryan, The IRA, Vengeance, And Family

The late Tom Clancy's novels that feature the character of Jack Ryan, senior analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency, have been the basis for a number of solidly crafted but also interesting action films. THE HUNT FOR RED October, released in early 1990, was the first of those films; and it had Alec Baldwin in the role of Ryan. When Baldwin declined to return to the role, however, the producers looked to another great actor, namely the many who had played Indiana Jones and Han Solo but had now become something of a thinking man's action hero: Harrison Ford. That gambit paid off big time, both commercially and artistically, when the second Jack Ryan film came out in 1992, in the form of PATRIOT GAMES.

In PATRIOT GAMES, Ford is nearing the end of a vacation in London with his wife (Anne Archer) and daughter (Thora Birch) when he witnesses a violent attack on Lord Holmes (James Fox), a member of the Royal Family and a minister of state for British-ruled Northern Ireland. The attack is carried out by an ultra-violent faction of the notorious Irish Republican Army; and it's an attack that Ford manages to thwart by mere seconds, killing one of the terrorists (Karl Hayden) and wounding his brother (Sean Bean), while their cohorts (Patrick Bergin; Polly Walker) manage to escape. Bean is put on trial and convicted for his part in the attack, but he vows vengeance on Ford. That vengeance is meted out after Bergin and Walker effect Bean's violent escape when, just days after returning to the U.S., Ford is almost killed by one of Bergin's associates at the Naval Academy, and Bean almost kills Archer and Birch on a freeway near Annapolis. Ford now has to rejoin an organization, the CIA, that he had only recently stepped down from in order to do in Bean, Bergin, and Walker, while at the same time hosting Fox at his Maryland home. The whole saga comes to a climax there, where Ford, his family, Fox, and several of their associates come under attack from the IRA radicals during a violent storm.

While there are obviously a number of differences between the book and the movie (too many, in fact, for Clancy to stomach, as he disassociated himself from the finished product), PATRIOT GAMES nevertheless works quite well just the same. The success of the film is owed in no small part to the presence of Ford in the role of Ryan. Although his performance in PATRIOT GAMES (and in the later CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER) is markedly different from Baldwin's in THE HUNT FOR RED October, the end result is still a high-level action film with psychological thriller elements, and a climactic siege at Ford's house that has elements of CAPE FEAR and STRAW DOGS, along with a harrowing speedboat chase to bring the film to a stunning close. The upping of the violence and sex, and a couple of 'F' bombs in the dialogue, meant, of course, that PATRIOT GAMES had to get an 'R' rating. However, none of these elements are gratuitously used in any way. Alongside Ford and Archer, James Earl Jones returns as CIA director Jim Greer; and the film has good turns from Samuel L. Jackson, and legendary Irish actor Richard Harris as the IRA's principal US "bag man" Paddy O'Neill, who only coughs up the whereabouts of Bergin and Bean after Ford issues a less-than-veiled threat against him in an Irish-American bar in Washington.

Australian director Philip Noyce, who had directed the 1989 psychological thriller DEAD CALM, directs PATRIOT GAMES very impressively, keeping the emphasis on the back-and-forth between Ford and Bean, the latter of whom is an incredibly scary radical Irish heavy. The late James Horner, who had already done scores for films such as STAR TREK II, STAR TREK III, BRAINSTORM, AN American TAIL, and AN American TAIL: FIEVEL GOES WEST, provides an equally fine score here as well, utilizing various Irish musical motifs (with an assist from wind soloist Tony Hinnigan).

The striking intelligence shown in THE HUNT FOR RED October (and again in CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER) is shown here in spades in PATRIOT GAMES, which is why I'm giving it a '9'.

Reviewed by nzpedals 2 / 10

Inspite of all the stars, it's boring mostly.

First rate author (Clancy), great big star (Ford), famous role (Ryan), beautiful wife (Archer) with over-cute daughter, a story with some good bits. Alas, it all comes together as really boring, they all do their stuff and it should all connect, but doesn't for me. Trying to introduce issues about Ireland and IRA is distracting and marginally inaccurate? But then the departure of Jimmy is enough to raise my rating by 1.

In one of the other Clancy films, he is listed as an "executive producer" and gives a voice-over commentary. That might have made this mess a whole lot better. The credits say it was shot in studios and the US, but not London? So, those scenes must have been faked? Not that it matters I suppose.

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