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Ian McShane as Noel - Black Musican
James Fox as Chas
Mick Jagger as Turner
Kenneth Colley as Tony Farrell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rodrig58 1 / 10

Bored to death!

I've been waiting for decades to see this movie and finally I've done it. My interest was very high, considering the names of the two directors and a few names in the cast. Well, I was very disappointed. Most of the other reviewers gave it 10 stars. I can not give it more than 1 star, that is the minimum possible. Because I didn't like anything, the story is particularly irrelevant, nothing makes sense. Anita Pallenberg and Michèle Breton show their empty bodies absolutely free to pass the time, almost half of the movie that's what we see. I can not even talk about their "acting" performance... I like Mick Jagger, as a singer, in Rolling Stones, but as an actor, really... James Fox is a good actor, but he has no place in this movie. Static, boredom, big waste of time!

Reviewed by Tin_ear 5 / 10

Exactly what you would expect from two guys with no experience writing or directing

The movie hinges on the premise that if you put a hippy-looking wig on somebody that they'll be indistinguishable from anyone with long hair. Needless to say Mick Jagger and James Fox don't resemble each other or sound like each other whatsoever. In fact Mick is world renown for having a distinct, weird-looking face.

The Fox character is reprehensible and Jagger's also there, for some reason. And there's tits. People watch this because it's an art film. I can't imagine it being green-lighted by a studio if Jagger's face wasn't on the poster.

At this point Roeg was just a cinematographer. Cammell would later wind up directing music videos. Neither had any directing experience, and it shows.

Reviewed by Edgar Allan Pooh 5 / 10

Critics have puzzled for decades about whether Mick Jagger was just having a bad trip . . .

. . . when he made PERFORMANCE, or if this inchoate mishmash somehow could be given a meaningful context. The Truth can now be told. The team of prognosticating Cassandras at Warner Bros. have perfectly captured the inner workings of the Rump White House nearly 50 years before the fact with PERFORMANCE. Jagger himself plays Rump, called "Turner" here, since Rump's such a Flip-Flopper (Democrat one day, Repug the next). In the role of Steve Bannon is James Fox. His "Chas" character is Rump/Turner's toughest thug, whether in the White House or not. Extortion Ringleader "Harry Flowers" captures the venality of closet KKK Grand Dragon/U.S. "Attorney General" Beauregard Sessions to a T, with the mendacious sadist "Rosie" playing White House Chief of Staff John "Pinocchio" Kelly to the hilt. Even dismissed FBI director James Comey is shown receiving Beauregard's knife-in-the-back, when Rosie slips it to "Joey Maddocks" as the hapless Fed. Melancholia Rump goes full-frontal in the guise of "Pherber," while Chas/Bannon gets naughty in the bathtub with First Daughter Iwanna Rump (a birthday-suited "Lucy" here). Though Warner's current release GEOSTORM has suggested to some that only a Patriotic Secret Service Agent taking their Constitutional Oath seriously is in a position to end Rump's Madness, an eventually double-crossed Chas/Bannon delivers the Coup De Grace here in PERFORMANCE.

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