Waiting for the Miracle to Come


Drama / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 4.8 10 81


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Charlotte Rampling as Dixie Riggs
Sophie Lowe as Adeline Winter
Willie Nelson as Jimmy Riggs
Waylon Payne as Shooter Jones
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jesusistheiam 5 / 10


Although I enjoyed this movie, I don't agree with talking with the dead; Angels yes, if you test them Biblically. I thought Willy N. came across sincerely in this movie.

Reviewed by seandpower 10 / 10

Magic story, solid acting

'Waiting for the Miracle to Come' was a breath of fresh air. Theres such cynicism from movie goers and 'reviewers' nowadays. If a film isn't a part of the DC/Marvel world, full of formulaic explosions adolescent story lines it seems to get relegated to the back stacks immediately. This movie had no superheroes, instead just a touching story, a wholesome narrative of believing in something and some great acting. Specifically Willie Nelson and Charlotte Rampling playing off each other but especially Sile Bermingham who really moved me at the end of the film -some fantastic stuff there.

Reviewed by guzman-phillip 6 / 10

Southern Fairy Tale

"Waiting for the Miracle to Come" is a nice fairy tale of a movie. It's slow in pace, but beautiful to look at. The real emotional gravity comes when Sile Bermingham is on screen! Also, Willie Nelson is a stand out in a very nuanced role. Worth a watch.

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