Terra Formars


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

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Rinko Kikuchi as Asuka Moriki
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gavin6942 5 / 10

Not Some of Miike's Best Work

With the space program attempting to travel to Mars, scientists were tasked with warming up the planet so that humans could survive. They came up with a plan of sending cockroaches and moss to the surface so that the moss would absorb sunlight and the insects would serve as food for the moss. Now, a manned ship to Mars has landed and the crew members are ready for their mission: to exterminate the roaches. But what they find instead… are giant, mutated, humanoid cockroaches!

Director Takashi Miike is known for having worked in a wide range of genres, from crime to horror to musical and superhero films. Among his best known work is "Audition" and "Ichi the Killer", though he has also become notorious for his banned contribution to "Masters of Horror" and the outrageously over-the-top "Visitor Q". Although far from retired, it seems appropriate that Fantasia is honoring Miike with a lifetime achievement award, and as part of that he is presenting his latest film, "Terraformars".

The story is based on a manga, as well as a short-lived TV show, with a script by Kazuki Nakashima. Not being familiar with either of the earlier incarnations, I cannot comment on how faithfully Nakashima and Miike follow the source material or what new twists they may have added. So let's just look at the film as if it were a stand-alone feature.

The concept is interesting, and the idea of space exploration is taken seriously. Whether this is "hard " science fiction is open to debate, but the writer clearly thought about the reality of what it would take to make Mars habitable for oxygen-breathing humans and how to increase the planet's temperature naturally. The methods proposed do, in fact, seem plausible assuming the melted ice caps could provide enough water. Now, of course, the science goes out the window after the initial premise, but that's another story.

The cityscapes and "flying cars" of Earth are very reminiscent of "Blade Runner", with the neon lights everywhere and the dark, dirty overcrowding. Unlike "Blade Runner", however, this film is wisely set in the 2500s rather than a few decades after the date of the film itself. (If "Blade Runner" was right, we would already have the Nexus 6 by now.) One could compare some of it to "Starship Troopers" because of the "bad guys" being insects, but the similarities are only superficial.

The film features beautiful color schemes, especially on the Mars landscape, which contrasts wonderfully with the glaring, garish neon of Earth. While the aliens (or what-have-you) don't look awful, they don't look great, either. Little attempt was made to hide the fact they are, graphics-wise, little better than something you might see in the latest video game. This is still worlds better than what you'll usually find on the SyFy Channel, but the CGI gets noticeably worse the more roaches are shown at one time. Someone either did not put the time or the money into making this everything it could be. (Exactly how the roaches have evolved into what they have become is less than convincing, bit that is a whole other issue.) After 20 minutes, the plot goes wildly different from anything we have come to expect. We have less of "The Martian" and the video game comparison becomes more apt. Without giving too much away, the story becomes more like a superhero action film, like a live-action version of "Tekken" or "Soul Caliber", though with an insect theme and a Mars setting. For me, the wonderful set up quickly started to deteriorate at this point. (But again, not knowing the original manga, this might be very appealing to viewers who know what's coming.)

"Terraformars" is far from Miike's best work, and far from the best that Fantasia 2016 has to offer. What transpires over approximately two hours is good fun if you turn your brain off and maybe enjoy a few potent libations first (Sapporo, perhaps?). But more discerning viewers who want substance and are sick of the downhill curve that CGI has been taking over the last decade or more… this is not the film for you.

Reviewed by FilmFlaneur 7 / 10

Movie Madness and Entertaining Entomology

OK, here's the shocking truth: this film, which ought to have the English language title of 'Cockroach Planet', is pretty bad. In it, Miike abandons any of the art-house pretensions about which people find to argue and discuss in some of his other work, in place of lurid and batty SF fantasy. At the start it rips off 'Blade Runner' - almost shot-for- shot in a couple of places. The characters are shallow. The central idea is ludicrous. The plot is underdeveloped. The flashbacks do nothing to advance things, can be confusing and, at least once, amusingly bathetic. The CGI can be substandard. The director slips in a gratuitous Yakuza moment, and thinks it cool. There is also a token terrorist announced as a job description, and a villain who is, patently, a fashion victim. The cockroaches, who move super-fast at one moment and can fly their legions, usually stand round and stare at their victims quizzically, waiting for them to gear up before attacking slowly. The evil insects are cute, rather than menacing, and when they grin, look like they wear dentures. There are what appear to be the pyramids of Giza on Mars; I don't know why, even when explained on screen - but that's OK I guess, as we never get close. And of course the science is ridiculous.

So I watched this colourful, surreal, and jaw-dropping extravaganza marrying insects and cinematic insanity ... and was thoroughly entertained. In short, don't expect more for your money than you get from all of the above which, as you now know, is plenty: just rush to see it like I did, and be pleased. At least there is no boring John Carter and they are not talking about botany again.

Reviewed by fluffset 7 / 10

Its good I never read the manga

If you guys read all my reviews before regarding a japanese movie based on manga. I always make comparison & not happy with the adaptation (except one, Ore Monogatari). But this one, because I never read the original source, I guess its a good interesting sci-fi movie! About a group of human with added superpower versus humanoid super strength cockroaches! (Really?) . I think its really good, with all the cool suit. Fighting scene whatsoever. Its quite enjoyable. Its like watching an anime in live action version. Its so japanese like all japanese movie you ever watch. They have their own style, no one can copy them.

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