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Katja Riemann as Gudrun Gerster
Karoline Herfurth as Lisi Schnabelstedt
Jana Pallaske as Charlie
Elyas M'Barek as Zeki Müller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Luigi Di Pilla 9 / 10

Surprising funny school movie

I watched this on recommendation of my twelve year son. First I had some doubts. I didn't watch the trailer before and I thought this could be a boring movie. I was wrong and I am surprised how cool and funny the school scenes were. Especially the young main actor did an outstanding job here. I am sure that we will hear and see great successes from him in future.

I agree with other negative critics here that they show some garbage moments. But it's only a film that wants just to entertain the young and adults. I think they reached this objective. See it, you will laugh very much and not forget for long time. 9/10.

Reviewed by lucardpicard 8 / 10

For Germans only

A clear 8 star comedy, but any dubbed or subtitled version will not work. The film is a social satire based mainly on exaggerated slang and German teenage stereotypes. Its success is not linked to its plot. It does not want to send any message.

Reviewed by tomfarnschlaeder 2 / 10

Not recommended if not mentally retarded

As far as I know, FJG was the most successful German movie of the last few years - I can really not understand why this movie is so popular.

The plot, or more like the idea behind the plot, was adopted nearly 100% from the 1999 American movie 'Blue streak'; and I'm saying this though I have seen BS only once, and approximately 7 years ago. It even seems like they haven't tried to modify it at all. The only adjustment was made regarding the context of the protagonist's work place (= the place where his 'treasure' was hidden) - but probably only for the purpose of connecting this idea to the stale and often (like in this case) uninspired genre of high school movies. Watching the beginning (first ~15 min) of both movies and comparing them would be quite funny.

'Funny' is the right keyword: Many people recommended this movie to me because it was "so funny, witty, etc". It isn't. At all. Very shallow humour combined with some shoddy pseudo ghetto slang - That's it. Besides there are so many irritating characters (especially among the students).

In addition to that, the message of the movie (if there is one; I tried my best to find it) is highly questionable in my opinion: Again this "everyone can reach everything and everyone is something special if you give them attention, bla bla"-bulls.hit. NO. Simply no. Not all students are equally intelligent, but one is of course not allowed to voice this today. (This is btw a great example of how the German education system works nowadays)

It may also be that I missinterpreted the message, because it may as well be a simple plot mistake that the extremely dumb and annoying girl (hearing her slang and voice was a torment) is considered 'highly gifted' at the end of the movie. WTF? Really?

Then there is the f.ucking usual love story according to the f.ucking usual scheme and thus extremely f.ucking predictable.

This whole story is so far-fetched, the movie lacks any level and the acting is (apart from Karoline Herfurth and to a lesser extent Elyas M'Barek) between run-off-the-mill and annoying.

To sum it up, I have really no f.ucking clue, why anyone would think this movie is at least average or even above. I think I have to re-consider my friendship to the people that recommended watching it to me. (just joking, but seriously...) I'd really have to think back to when I waited for the end of a movie this yearningly the last time.

P.S.: Farid Bang appeared in this movie - That says it all. (For the other Germans who - probably unintentionally - know him)

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