Instructions Not Included


Comedy / Drama

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Eugenio Derbez as Valentín
Jesús Ochoa as Jesús Ochoa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BabyCakes97 9 / 10

Pregnant With Meaning, Amazing Movie

I believe Eugenio Derbez carried out a solid performance and worked very well with the little girl. I recommend this movie especially to Spanish speaking people. The directing is great. You'll find yourself lost in beautiful cinematic scenes and comical situations. The screenplay is amazing and very well-written. They mix Spanish and English quite cleverly and create scene's in which you'll find yourself either laughing gazing in amazement at how they could come up with that. You like the characters you're supposed to like and there are many surprises packed in this beautiful film that will make you think about life and fear and why it's worth taking risks.

Reviewed by alejandrodeleon559 8 / 10

Totally worth it!!!

I'll be honest, I was dragged in to see this movie but was quickly enthused and charmed by the undeniable chemistry between father and daughter(Eugenio Derbez, Loreta Peralta). The very first minutes weren't exactly my cup of tea but it it gets to the point eagerly and you get the whole message of the title along with it. Don't confuse it for just another meager Disney squall of becoming a family film. No where throughout the movie did I remember the pacifier or the Game Plan those were particularly distasteful movies I could hope to forget. Instructions Not Included finds heart and answers many questions all of us have asked about life. All the troubles and dismay we go through are for not, the very essence of where we have placed our hopes lie within the children we take care of and honestly there aren't any instructions included through the sobs, the laughs, and the peace we come to while they teach us how to grow.

Watch this movie and I promise you won't forget it and bring a box of Kleenex for your tears.

Reviewed by maria-mahecha 10 / 10

An Unexepected Gem

My boyfriend and I went to see this with my father last night. It was not at all what I expected and as the movie progressed, I was continually surprised. What a lovely movie. Not just a comedy, but a truly heart-warming story. The little girl's acting performance is Oscar worthy. Seriously, where did they find her? My boyfriend usually hates movies with sub-titles, but this one made it worth the trouble for him. If you speak Spanish, like me, then you will get more of the cultural references, but you don't need to understand Spanish to get this movie. Fear is universal and so are lessons in courage, and this movie really spoke to that. Make sure to take your hankie. Watch, watch, watch this movie!!!

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