For Love or Money



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Ed Speleers as Johnny
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cassidykruger 9 / 10

Not what I expected

I watched this purely because a friend who is also a massive Pacific Rim fan like myself recommended it because of Rob Kazinsky's facial expressions.

Within three minutes, I'd snorted more than once and spilled my drink. The movie was well-paced, full of snappy, truly funny dialogue and a total farce. I loved every second of it and have already started watching it again. The cast is totally on point, and you can tell they're having a great time. Half the extras break "Character" because they're too busy laughing and the faces that Sam and Rob make are priceless.

I cannot recommend this movie enough. The Dad's monologue at dinner alone is worth every second you spend leading up to it and the conclusion is priceless.

Reviewed by irenehelenowski 10 / 10

Stellar cast and actually charmingly romantic

In For Love or Money, we are introduced to Mark and Connie who set out for a battle of wits as they race to the altar. Once the groom finds out Connie's devious plans with Johnny, he ups the stakes. The plans hit his soft spot, however, when they visit Connie's parents along with his flatmate, Tim, and her frenemy, Kendra. There, he can see the shenanigans her parents put her through, particularly with the hijinks they go with Tim. Mark feels sympathy for his bride-to-be's situation. Both Anna Chancellor and Ivan Kaye are brilliant in their roles as the lecherous parents, with Chancellor's character, Carol, as an out-of-control cougar and Ivan Kaye whose lifestyle is ambiguous, favoring both teams. Mr. Kaye's performance is a particular example of exquisite timing and on-point humor. The movie's ending proves to be of great satisfaction as well. This is one comedy not to be missed, especially for the stellar cast.

Reviewed by skutah 10 / 10

Thoroughly enjoyable comedy with Ivan Kaye standing out as unrivalled highlight

British independent film 'For Love or Money' has been produced on a tight budget, but does convince with its beautiful photography, a pleasant atmosphere, plenty of funny scenes and with a great cast:

Tony Way (best man Tim) is extremely funny, the leads Samantha Barks and Robert Kazinsky portray the slowly growing human sensitiveness of their characters convincingly and Ivan Kaye stands out as the unrivalled highlight as Connie's father Patrick.

Always a scene-stealer, in this film Kaye shows his genius to impress even smaller characters on the audience by deploying an enormous range of acting skills within limited space. He masterfully switches back and forth between the promiscuous and bizarre touch of his character and its traditional and patriarchal qualities within seconds. Kaye's brilliance dominates every single one of his scenes making him the main focus in most unexpected moments. Even when he is positioned in the background, that is where the main fun is happening. As Ivan Kaye makes his first appearance towards the last third of the film, it is certainly true in this case that they saved the best for last.

It's just a pity that the happenings at the house of Connie's parents haven't been given more space as in my opinion the Failed Critics review correctly states that the film "jumps to a completely different level" once Ivan Kaye and Anna Chancellor (as Connie's mother Carol) appear on the scene.

Rachel Hurd-Wood as Connie's old friend Kendra has several great moments and although Ed Speleers sometimes overacts given the more restricted style of his castmates, his facial expressions are hilarious.

Some marginal, but recurring characters evoke extra laughs, not least David Hargreaves' somewhat quirky priest with his dry style.

All in all, this is a thoroughly enjoyable comedy film with an endearingly human undercurrent that results in an interesting turn at the end. Highly recommended to everybody who is looking for a slightly different type of "romantic comedy" and wants to laugh a lot.

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