Post Apocalyptic Commando Shark


Action / Comedy

IMDb Rating 3.8 10 72

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Debbie Rochon as Sergeant Diane Packert
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by berg-74532 1 / 10

OK it sucks. No way this would be good but?

There is good crap and bad crap. Most people like a good bad movie and seeing the name of one of the top Queen B's of 80's and 90's a Miss Debbie Rochon. A woman who has elevated bad bad movies to good bad movies because she can act unlike most people shares screen time with. But she and another Rochon could not move this to good bad. A could probably look up where the money for this movie came from but it's more fun to blindly throw darts at the wall and guess using only the competence of the people involved. And to me the person that was most likely to front some money to be in this was the idiot stoned and or drunk Dr who created the talking dog and even after rewinding it it seems the dog could not talk or only Dr. Feelgood was only person who could hear him or some other nonsense. Now I'm not say the character of the Dr. was living outside his body I'm saying the guy playing him was three sheets to the wind (I have no idea what that means but heard other people use that phrase when pointing out to me what I was like the night before) so if you can't be relaxed making this "I can't believe this is a movie" movie and need chemical help it means to me he must be in charge and when your in charge of this that must mean you were the one who fronted the $8 or however much money he could get his mom to give him. And I realize he is quite old so when I'm saying his mother I'm using the term mother as more like what Norman Bates mother was just a skull and maybe a wig or however he likes her to look when they go out on date night. Now if you want to what the movie was about suffer through it like I did. Oh and before someone points out how horrible I am this was for fun the people who made this movie must have a sense of humor I'm not sure where it went while making this but hopefully they found it and can understand I had no ill will in typing this. P.S. the sharknado people killed the shark joke horror movie thing so pick something else like a sea urchin or some sea monster created by garbage island and I bet Al Gore would make a cameo and he might invest all that carbon offset money he scammed out of Justine Timberlake and all the other gullible idiots that sent in money. All though come to think of it he probably used all that money paying his ridiculous energy bill for his 2 person house that somehow as much as a strip mall. Global Warming won't fix itself oh wait it did.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 2 / 10

This was just downright bad. Not even bad in a good way. Just bad!...

Granted with a movie such as "Post Apocalyptic Commando Shark" and the movie's synopsis, you just knew what you are getting yourself into. Still, I opted to sit down and watch this 2018 movie on the odd chance that the movie would be so bad that it was actually good and enjoyable - you know what I mean here.

Ultimately, "Post Apocalyptic Commando Shark" wasn't one such movie. It was just plain and utterly bad. Yeah, this was not an impressive movie, not even in the least bit.

The storyline was generic, which wasn't the movie's biggest drawback. But the production of the movie was just abysmal. Everything was stereotypical, and it was essentially just a bunch of chunky Americans running around making a low-budget amateurish movie.

The shark was just hilarious. It was so bad to look at that you have to watch it to believe it. A head made of paper mache and it was fully unmovable, just locked in the same position. And they didn't even try to make it look realistic, which was the most atrocious part of this abysmal mask. I actually think this was the worst prosthetic mask I have seen in a movie.

The acting was dubious at best, but at least I think the performers had fun making this movie. Which should count for something, I suppose.

I am rating "Post Apocalyptic Commando Shark" a mere two out of ten stars. I managed to sit through the entire movie, but I can't claim to be entertained. And this is definitely not a movie that I will be watching for a second time. Some of us suffered through this, so you don't have to. Don't waste your time, money or effort on this one.

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