Man of La Mancha


Drama / Fantasy / Musical / Romance

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Sophia Loren as Dulcinea / Aldonza
Peter O'Toole as Don Quixote De La Mancha / Miguel de Cervantes / Alonso Quijana
Brian Blessed as Pedro
Ian Richardson as The Padre
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tamrath 10 / 10

A great movie

This is one of my favorite movies of all time. It saddens me that there are those out there who think this movie was horrible. How can you watch O'Toole give his speech: "Maddest of all: to see life as it is and not as it should be!" and not be brought to emotion? This movie is not exactly like the theater version. However, if you note who made the screenplay changes, the song changes, etc., it's the same men who worked on the play. There are some good songs cut out. And Peter O'Toole and Sophia Loren are not the world's best singers. But this movie is brilliant. Coco is a wonderful Sancho, I love his voice and his expression. O'Toole is a fabulous actor and I felt like the prisoners in the end singing "The Impossible Dream." I own this movie. I encourage anyone who hasn't seen it to go get it and watch it. It has inspired me to try to do better in everything I do, and I often watch it and sing the songs to remind me to "see life as it should be." And if this movie needs a defender, I sign up for the job.

Reviewed by frankwhat 8 / 10

A Rather Solid Musical!

The users on this board seemed to concur that this was somehow a bad musical but I disagree. I'm really particular when it comes to people just bursting out into song for no apparent reason and this was one of those few times where I actually liked it. I've always enjoyed the Don Quixote story and this was a fantastic turnaround. I can see why some viewers say that the singing wasn't nearly as extraordinary as it was on Broadway but few film adaptations are. Besides the acting was stellar and it drew out extreme emotions of happiness, sorrow, or laughter out of me at times. Though dirty and ragged I found Sophia Lauren to still be beautiful and her body is absolutely perfect in every way I can fathom. Peter O'Toole was great as a crazy old man set forth on an unattainable quest for glory and at the end someone who had to once again face the harsh life of reality. For those of us who haven't seen it on the stage I feel it is a wonderful performance that was thoroughly enjoyable for persons of all ages that are looking to be whisked away by a tiny bit of magic! I'm positive that I'll have some of the songs stuck in my head for at least several days now.

Final Blaze:

Movies: I don't usually see musicals on the big screen.

DVD Purchase: If my budget ever increases to a more desirable level.

Rental: An awesome choice!

Reviewed by jryan-4 10 / 10

blinded by tears

I must have a major blind spot because I loved this movie in 1972

when I saw it the first time and the second and the third time. Now

I have become an semi-regularly woeful countenanced man

myself and I love it even more. My heart started to stir watching

O'Toole's speech at the Oscars so I re-rented La Mancha even as

it was being removed from the active shelf at my local Hollywood

video. I took it home and played it for the youngest of my five

daughters, eleven year old Mary. She loves musicals as much as I

do. She got into it. I cried again. Sorry. I love this film. Like I said, I

must have a tin ear or a blind spot or goddamn it, maybe I'm right. Man of La Mancha is a 10 plus and a must for all O'Toole fans

which at this point should be about everybody who loves movies. Let the revisionism begin here. O'Toole and Loren> C'mon

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