Postcards from the 48%



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Reviewed by jamesrands 8 / 10

Food for thought

As another reviewer says this isn't the most fun you'll have at the cinema, but that isn't the point.

David Wilkinson spent months on the road speaking with various remain voters and hearing their concerns. Some of them add limited value (and I guess are probably there for name recognition), but others really know what they're talking about. I learned a lot.

I was lucky enough to attend a session with a Q&A with the director afterwards. If you have a chance go to those do so, they are fascinating, though I cannot really review the film based upon that.

I would heartily recommend seeing this film as it widens the ongoing debate on one hand and (because it was filmed over a period of time) shows the evolution of the debate. My one criticism is it could have charted the shifting positions better.

The final dedication is moving.

Reviewed by oli_mansell 9 / 10

Food for thought - and action - for the 16 million

Whether you voted Remain on 23 June 2016, Leave and now have buyers remorse, or are just dismayed and concerned by the insane course the UK seems to have taken over the last two years and want it to step back from an imminent cliff edge... SEE THIS FILM! An informative, respectful portrayal of a tenacious group of people who became activists after th EU referendum, and refuse to be intimidated by the establishment media or online trolls. Many new and cogent arguments can be found in this film, which neither dumbs the issue down nor is bogged in the dry technical detail (customs etc). Timely and mandatory viewing, which has come along not a moment too soon.

Reviewed by neillschofield 10 / 10

Well worth watching!

A really good overview of all the impacts if we leave the EU - in the words of a good mix of ordinary people and others with particular expertise. You shouldn't miss it!

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