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Carl Weathers as Dillon
Kevin Peter Hall as The Predator / Helicopter Pilot
Shane Black as Hawkins
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by The_StickMen 10 / 10

A Great Action Film

Back in a time when the term "popcorn movies" actually meant something, Predator stands out especially today, mostly due to its high quality writting and top notch action. This movie never gets boring, as we watch the characters interact with each other, it brings to mind the feeling I got when watching the Marines from Aliens; a great feeling of comradary and gruff friendship. The special effects, while dated, in my humble opinion look better then the snazzy "futuristic" effects we are seeing today. The Govenator is perfect for the lead role in this film, he commands a certain respect both from the characters and audience alike.

The title character of the film is still cool and frightening by todays standards. The filmakers knew how to use the Predator makeup, they shadow it in as much darkness as possible, cover it in mudd and grime, which hides what could have been very obvious makeup "guy in a suit" effects. The guy who plays Predator did everything he could to add some life to the creature, to make people think he could stand up against Arnold in the end. Its really alot of fun to watch the Predator hunt these hapless soldiers, when just a while ago they were kicking ass everywhere they went.

As we watch the downfall of summer "popcorn" movies, its good to know we can still go back and watch something great like this film.

Reviewed by samuel-84 10 / 10

Science Fiction Perfection

I was 12 when I first saw Predator and it has been a firm sci-fi favorite ingrained in my psyche ever since. Predator, now 23 years old, hasn't aged and still feels current - if you can excuse the 80's testosterone. It just goes to show that expensive CGI is no match for a good story with a colourful and competent cast.

The story follows Dutch (Schwarzenegger) the leader of a specialized group of bad-ass soldiers who run rescue missions in areas Chuck Norris would be scared to go. He is duped into a supposed rescue mission in South America by an old college, Dillon (Carl Weathers) who now works for the CIA.

Once in the Jungle, Dillon's true reason for using Dutch becomes apparent when the team comes across the mutilated remains of a previous special ops team sent in by Dillon. The team is not there to rescue anyone, but stop an arms deal. Someone begins picking off the team one by one and and to quote Billy (Sonny Landham) who provides the spiritual insight "There is something out there, and it ain't no man". The action begins...

Alien hunters on safari, CIA operatives, professional black ops soldiers, South American rebels and a whole lot of hot steamy jungle in the mix and you have one of the greatest sci-fi films ever made.

The 80's style testosterone fueled acting gives great insight into the period and muscle-bound cast perform well and this must be Arnie's finest performance. Thankfully there isn't much of the of cheesy 80's dialog, like that painfully delivered by Bill Paxton in Aliens and Predator 2.

Like Ridley Scott's Alien, the franchise has only gone downhill since and fans have eagerly been waiting for Robert Rodriguez and Nimród Antal to restore the franchise to it's former glory with the release of Predators.

A timeless classic and sci-fi masterpiece. 10/10

Reviewed by rambofanlife-41678 10 / 10

One of the greatest kick-ass sci-fi action movies of all time my personal favorite number 1 action film

Predator (1987) stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers and it is directed by John McTiernan. Predator is one of the greatest action films of all time, it is my personal number 1 favorite Schwarzenegger movie in the sci-fi action genre. It is also my favorite action film of all time. This movie is a perfect 10 it is the finest action movie of all time! I grew up with the film it was my first "Predator" film I saw as a kid in the trilogy. We can say it is the best one in the franchise it is people's favorite movie in trilogy.

I agree it is still the best one today and I love, love, love, love this movie to death!!! It is the best of the best ever it has balls. There are so many explosives weapons and automatic weapons used in this movie and they are used well with thousands of bullets fired.

In the remote jungle of a Central American country team of soldiers lead by General Jim Hopper goes missing in the jungle of Central America. So Major Dutch Schaeffer (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and his elite group of commandos are called in a rescue mission for cabinet minister and his scantiest men who are out in a guerrilla stronghold held by their will.. Once commando team are there they start to investigate what happened to Jim Hopper and the rest of his team. When Major Dutch Schaeffer (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and his team go there they realize there are some secrets going on and Jim Hopper and his men are skinned alive. Something is rotten definitely. The hunters become the hunted when a highly intelligent, being slowly and methodically starts killing off members of Dutch's team.

When Predator come out Arnold Schwarzenegger was at top of his game, the guy couldn't miss. Every time he put an action movie people run in to the theaters to see it because he was large men and he looked like a real life superhero. The only actor who come close to him was Sylvester Stallone "Rambo" and he looked like 50 pounds less than Arnold Schwarzenegger. He done Commando before but Predator was really the movie that set him to super star. He carry's the movie like an leading A list actor.

Really cool about "Predator" is it is the mixed of genre it is not just an action movie it is also an science fiction movie, it is also a horror "slasher" movie. The first third act of the movie is where you get the action and his team go there are explosions real practical effects, guns blazing and you get M134 Minigun with Duke. When Dutch, Billy, Duke with Minigun and automatic weapons are shooting in the jungle on unseen creature you can see thousands of bullets fired in the movie real guns everything was done for real. Creature for Predator was designed by Stan Winston who was played by Kevin Peter Hall R.I.P. who is no longer with us anymore. The second third is where the horror elements kicks in, it is like a slasher flick. Predator starts picking off Dutch's team one by one off. The last third it is better than anything before it is men VS alien "the Predator" in this movie was a horrible villain. Predator is the most iconic villains in the history ever. He is so great that you actually feel for Arnold's character you feel Arnold might not be able to stand up to this guy.

Predator stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger Carl Weathers, Elpidia Carrillo, Bill Duke, Richard Chaves, Jesse Ventura, Sonny Landham , Shane Black, R. G. Armstrong , Kevin Peter Hall , Sven-Ole Thorsen they are all believable. Sonny Landham also started in 48 hrs. , Southern Comfort and Lock Up also passed away and it is no longer with us anymore.

I love the third act in this movie because Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't use his mussels, he uses his wisdom to take down Predator he sets booby traps a long the way in the jungle and I love the part in where he figure is out, how too hide him self from Predator he falls in the water and he has to wipe a mud on him to cover him self and that scene is just so nail bidding and tension, it truly feels a horror movie on the end. Arnold's team every character in this movie has a persona on their own, they are all extremely interesting and way different from each other. I got to hand down that too the writers: Jim Thomas and John Thomas, they both did an amazing job flashing out each one of these characters. It is great sense of paranoia since they all start losing their minds each one of them gets picked off. Alan Silvestri made a wonderful music score for the film which I am listening every time on YouTube.

Predator come out the same year as RoboCop, The Running Man, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors the 80's were the years for action movies. John McTiernan also later directed Die Hard another action movie that become famous and of the greatest action movies of all time with Predator. The movie is Rated R it is bloody and it feel at time like a slasher film. It was a box office success it made $98,235,548 that time of it is release.

Predator is one of the greatest sci-fi action horror slasher films of all time it is my favorite action film off all time.

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