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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 5 / 10

Do It!

The film opens with Jerry Rubin's phrase "Do It" a book about the cultural revolution. Tinto Bras continues on with the sexual revolution by giving us 6 tales of promiscuous women. The stories in themselves are nothing great. The production details border on hard-core as there is all kinds of sexual activity including genital close-ups, fingering, and kissing. The extras include 17 minutes of "The Making of..." which is more like an outtake reel showing more nudity, in case you didn't get enough during the 89 minute film

Reviewed by itamarscomix 5 / 10

More Brass

Like the earlier P.O. Box Tinto Brass, Fallo! is another anthology of whimsical short erotic stories from maestro Tinto Brass, and like that earlier film, there's really very little to be said about it; the stories are for the most part very, very silly and dumb, and are really just an excuse for very pretty shots of beautiful people having sex. On the whole I enjoyed it more than P.O. Box; for one, the cinematography was more beautiful, and the lush, modern coloring really does Brass a whole lot of good. And second, it does away with the pointless and irritating framing device. A couple of stories - most of all Dupla Confusão ("Double Trouble") and Casos ("Jolly Bangs") - have enough subtext and wit to raise a smile, but the rest are complete nonsense, and Brass knows it. In his feature films he sometimes tried for more ambitious messages, for better (Cosi Fan Tutte) or for worse (Monamour), but in this case it's trashy erotica all the way through. Might be fun for Brass fans but not much to write home about.

Reviewed by witajkt1 6 / 10

Are the penises fake or real ?

Are the penises real ? it's kinda like dildo, except for the second story (double trouble). I've just watched this movie yesterday. Some story interesting and arousing, some not. Very explicit and fun. I have rate the scenes as follow : The first story : 7/10 is funny and interesting for threesome. The second story : 8/10 is the best for me, because it happens all time at your office etc. The third story : 5/10 is also funny , but forgettable and not sexy the fourth story : 6/10 is simple and sexy the fifth story : 6/10 is also funny and hilarious the sixth story : 6/10 is also funny. This is not the best colection, I suggest Caligula, which one still the best of Tinto Brass project in art.

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