Stagecoach Buckaroo


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Reviewed by classicsoncall 6 / 10

"We don't waste time on killers"!

Even after watching a few hundred Westerns, it always seems that something I haven't seen before manages to work it's way into a story. In this one, hero Johnny Mack Brown manages to talk a couple of sharp shooters with rifles into putting on dresses to help protect the Denton Stage coach from a band of outlaws. Not only that, but his sidekick Fuzzy Knight gets to wear one too! This all turned out to be a comical gimmick for the matinée fans back in the day, because the way Steve Hardin (JMB) had the stage rigged with iron panels, there's no way anyone could have seen who was inside, even though the bandit look-out reported just that to his cronies.

Oh well, these old B Westerns didn't have to make much sense, and even though the plot lines were reworked dozens of times, they're still fun to watch. Throw in some fancy shootin' and hard ridin', and you've got yourself a good time. As Hardin's trail pal Clem, Fuzzy contributes another comedic moment when he gets beaned by a bee hive and it gets stuck on his head. That would not be pretty.

Something else that was kind of cool was seeing two female leads who supported the cowboy hero; usually one would be a romantic interest and the other part of the villain team. Molly Denton (Nell O'Day) had a stake in the stage line with her father, while Nina Kincaid (Anne Nagel) came to Cottonwood to reunite with her long lost father. Kind of curious though, even though they hadn't seen each other since Nina was three years old, they recognized each other immediately.

It's hard to imagine how they could squeeze in as many as five songs into a picture coming in at right around an hour, but they did. Two were standards, 'Get Along Little Dogies' and 'Red River Valley' handled by a quartet called The Guardsmen, while Fuzzy added a couple as well - 'Don't Ever Be a Cowboy' and 'Too Darn Bashful'. Fuzzy actually sounded pretty good, which means my hearing's probably getting worse.

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