Footprints on the Moon


Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 58%
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Klaus Kinski as Prof. Blackmann
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Industrious 7 / 10

Very interesting psychological thriller

Footprints is a very interesting movie that is somewhat difficult to categorize. "Psychological thriller" is the most appropriate description I can think of. The female protagonist, Alice Cespi, discovers that she doesn't remember anything of the last three days. The only clue she has is a torn photo of a hotel. She is also haunted by a recurring, very vivid, dream about a science fiction movie that she believes she saw many years ago. In her pursuit of the truth behind her amnesia she doesn't trust anyone, but little by little it becomes obvious that she has visited the town where the hotel is located before. This is an exciting flick whose main virtue is that it is virtually impossible to predict how the events will unfold, and particularly, how it will end. The unusual loneliness of the main character and the unreliability of everyone else ensure that the good old paranoid feeling is present throughout the film, whereas beautiful colors and some spectacularly filmed sequences make this a visually attractive movie as well. The important part of the one and only Nicoletta Elmi, everyone's all time favorite redheaded obnoxious child star of Italian horror, is an extra bonus.

Reviewed by novax67 8 / 10

Very Good Surreal Mystery

This is actually a very good surreal mystery movie, despite the description that tries to sell it as a Sci-Fi movie. Balkan stars as a woman haunted by mysterious visions and lost memories that she is trying to piece together. She spends the majority of the movie trying to make sense of her visions. Very atmospheric and effective. It is true that Kinski does not appear very much in this film, but the staring actors are very good. There is only an English dubbed version available in the US, and the dubbing leaves something to be desired, but the actors do a very good job. The cinematography, by Academy Award winner Vittorio Storaro is excellent. An earlier Giallo by director Bazzoni, THE FIFTH CORD, is also excellent, and also lensed by Storarro.

Reviewed by matheusmarchetti 10 / 10

Exquisite! Why was it forgotten?

Yet another forgotten, but nonetheless spellbinding 70's horror, and easily among my favorites of the genre, and a very unique one indeed. On the same vein of Peter Weir's eerie "Picinc at Hanging Rock" and paying tribute to Alain Resnais's equally enigmatic "Last Year in Marienbad", the film deals with an unsolved mystery left open to interpretation, with a character from the modern world finding herself trapped in an ancient, enigmatic setting. Unlike most Italian horror films of it's time, this one has hardly any blood at all, and relies mostly on creating a claustrophobic atmosphere and the horror of the unknown prowling every corner. The suspense builds up slowly to a terrifying and ultimately saddening finale. The film has many important names in Italian cinema working on it, such Vittorio Storaro (visually, this is one of the genre's most jaw dropping works), underrated writer/director Luigi Bazzoni, composer Nicola Piovani and giallo queen Florinda Bolkan, all doing wonderfully in what they are set out to do. The latter gives a stunning performance in the lead role, and we identify with her so much that even when you know she's actually crazy, we can't help to believe what she believes, that Klaus Kinski and his assistants are using her as a guinea pig for their sadistic experiments. Another bonus are the B&W nightmare sequences of the astronaut being left to die alone on the moon, which are very disturbing and scary. These dream sequences mirrors the protagonist's desperation as she too is trapped in a setting of which she is unfamiliar with, or is she? It's these sorts of questions that Bazzoni asks the audience, without always giving as answers, something that, in my humble opinion, makes the horror of it all the more effective. Overall, 10/10.

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