The Hot Chick


Comedy / Fantasy

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Rachel McAdams as Jessica
Jenna Dewan Tatum as Bianca Salsa Girl
Adam Sandler as Mambuza Bongo Guy
Anna Faris as April
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gusmcrae 9 / 10

This Hot Chick enjoyed it

I wasn't really looking forward to this movie at all. I haven't seen a lot of Rob Schneider, but what little I did see was usually grossout. Needless to say I was expecting more of that with this little flick.

The movie though turned out to be...well pretty awesome. It's not going to win an oscar, but it's certainly far from the movie I expected to see. Sure there were the cliches (popular blonde cheerleaders, fat chicks with food in their hands at all times, scary goths)...but somehow they worked together. It turns out that those cliches are simply empty pictures that we get of other people. Who know a Rob Schneider movie could manage to point that out??

As for Mr. Schneider....well he was pretty darn good. I thought it would be incredibly silly watching him as a girl. It was at times, but overall I think this movie pulled out some of his best comic acting. He was able to be sensitive and funny and pull it off believably. I'd like to see him at least nominated for his role ;)

The other actors in the movie...mostly a bunch of nameless beauties...also pulled their weight. The characters were pretty well fleshed out (which was nice to see since my last movie was MAID IN MANHATTEN where no thought at all seemed to have been put into character development.) Matthew Lawrence was looking hot as usual :)

I give the movie 9 out of 10 stars. See it if you want to laugh. It's actually worth the money :)

Reviewed by cine-11 8 / 10

Could have been stupid, but was actually very funny

Yet another variation on the "switching bodies" theme (Freaky Friday, Like Father Like Son, etc). This one was different, though, in that it involved a transgender switch and that, along with convincing acting by Rob Schneider, made it work. A little slow to start, but once it got going, I found myself laughing repeatedly throughout. A comedy well worth watching for lots of laughs.

Reviewed by miguelsanchez69 8 / 10

Surprisingly funny comedy

First off let it be said, I'm a pretty big fan of comedies. I rather enjoyed Schneider's 1st film Deuce Bigelow, but gagged at the supreme awfulness of the Animal. The script to the Hot Chick is surprisingly good and well-organized (though it's premise is basically a raunchier riff on 80s body switch movies like vice-versa and freaky friday without any moralizing). It may not be original (similar to my other favorite comedy so far this year, old school) and it may not win any oscars , but it's funny, follows an established formula well, and doesn't deteriorate in the third act like a lot of comedies I've seen as of late into moralizing or seemingly tacked on drama. Rob Schneider and Anna Farris are incredibly funny together. Watch for a cameo by Adam Sandler. If youre in the mood for citizen kane or next year's oscar winners, look elsewhere. If you're in the mood for good, dumb, fairly raunchy fun to watch with a couple of friends - this movie's great.

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