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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 7 / 10

In tune

The movie played at Frightfest and it arguably had if not the best introduction to a movie, then definitely one of the best. The main actor got conned into stripping (only partly, upper half, but still a hoot for all the women and some men I guess, but fun nevertheless). And it all was setting the mood for one very funny movie.

The main character, a radio DJ, who is past his prime, goes back to his roots. For financial reasons of course. What he doesn't know: there are things happening outside of his realm ... literally! But while the dialog is amazing, the script may seem a bit convoluted in general, especially when it comes to coherence. Still that takes not much away from the fun you can have with this. Just roll with it and it's idea, that is really out there ...

Reviewed by simon.james 7 / 10

Rather clever

An enjoyable 84 minutes, which may bring to mind peripherally Jaws, Hot Fuzz, I Know What You Did Last Summer among others, with some rather fancy locations. To producer Craig Russell, how on earth did you manage on the budget you mention? Congratulations: the mixture of eerie atmosphere, thrills (accompanied by notable soundtrack) and humour (some wry lines here) worked thoughtfully.

Reviewed by kryptkicker-30845 8 / 10

8 out of 10 for a film of this kind

So I'm scoring this based on my personal opinion, and classed it as a low budget. I'm not comparing it to any other "type" of movie to give an accurate reflection.

I watched it because it was fun, on sky and Welsh. Do I regret it... Hell no. Will it win Oscars also no. This is down to earth fun, solid acting, solid plot and well written. They've seemed to make the best with what they had and the end result is a high end low budget movie. I would recommend for sure but don't pull it apart and try to make it something its not... just sit back and appreciate the ride.

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