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Rae Dawn Chong as Dory Ryder
Peter Bogdanovich as Peter Bogdanovich
Michael Paré as Det. Marc Fox
Barbara Crampton as Lena O'Neill
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lifelinespublishing 4 / 10

below average....

I will just do a numerical rating on some of the important points for this movie:

STORY: 6/10 -- This is actually a CARRIE imitation, a cheap one at that.... CAST: 5/10 -- virtual unknowns though the actress who played Tess did try togive her best., we can see it in the heavy scenes. ACTING: 5/10 -- average., Michael Pare was ok as usual playing a cool dude, lol SCARY SCENES: 3/10 -- it's not even scary, a 3 year old kid will sleep in this promise....

do watch something else if you another option.,

Reviewed by johannes2000-1 3 / 10

A waste of time and of Barbara Crampton.

This is one of those movies that make you wonder why they were ever released. There's a fairly good basic idea (during a childbirth the baby seems to be stillborn, but later starts breathing again while in the morgue and is secretly abducted by the attendant in charge, only to turn up again 16 years later to confront her unsuspecting mother with her existance), that could result into a dozen potentially strong and interesting storylines. But then someone said: hey, let's turn the whole thing into a supernatural horror-flick! I cannot imagine anyone involved being really satisfied with the outcome: it's unconvincing to put it mildly, or to be honest: plain silly.

All possibilities to make it a tiny bit more involving are ignored. What's with this weird (clearly sexually deranged) morgue-attendant, who all of a sudden decides to father a lonely baby and does so for 16 years? How and where did the child live, what about school, friends, etc?? These 16 years are done with in two seconds, and wham, the guy attacks her (a first? or out of habit? We never get to know!) and she sets herself forcefully free to track down her mother. It doesn't help that they made the girl into a sort of walking zombie with a ridiculous hair-do, and her (supernaturally?) induced super-power (think "Carrie" with electricity!) looks more ridiculous than scary.

I have to say that Barbara Crampton does a great job as the surprised and later besieged mother, her initial scene with her daughter during her acting-class is actually very touching, but although she puts in all her professional efforts, she is totally wasted on this nonsensical film and even she cannot save it on her own.

Reviewed by kosmasp 4 / 10

Cliches ahead

Just because something is reborn, it doesn't make it immune against predictability. In this case cliches are really thrown at the viewer and a lot of things can be spotted miles ahead. Still it can be fun to a certain degree, if you let the movie.

I like Barbara Crampton, but even if you are a fan, you should not expect too much. There is only so much anyone can do (including Michael Pare) with a script/story like that ...

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