Red Ball Express


Action / Drama / War

IMDb Rating 6.3 10 517

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Sidney Poitier as Robertson
Jack Warden as Undetermined Role
Jeff Chandler as Lt. Chick Campbell
Hugh O'Brian as Pvt. Wilson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 / 10

Patton's Secret Weapon

It's a sad commentary that before the Armed Services were integrated post World War II by President Truman, the Red Ball Express was one of the few that black American soldiers could fully participate in and that one was relatively behind the lines.

Jeff Chandler plays the steely eyed commander of this bunch of formerly civilian truck drivers now chosen as a unit to supply Patton's advancing army with needed fuel. Among the cast is a young Sidney Poitier as one of the drivers. They may have been behind the lines, but the picture clearly shows their participation in the war wasn't an easy street.

Chandler's job is to weld this disparate bunch into a unit and he succeeds despite a lot of racial tension. The cast performs admirably in this picture.

One of the great stories of World War II was the rapid advance across France of Patton's army after the breakout from the Normandy beachhead. He could have never done it without the heroic efforts of the men depicted in this movie. It was Ike's and Patton's secret weapon and this picture an admirable tribute to them.

Reviewed by parsecsam 9 / 10

Black and white films depicting the war, gave the true dismal effect that comes with war.

Partially filmed in Fort Eustis, VA in 1951-52. I was in the army, at Ft. Eustis, waiting for my shipping orders when the cast and crew arrived. Many of us were used as background. Before they left, they gave us a special screening with most of the actors attending. Jeff Chandler was there. I met one of the actresses, who was with the cast, but not in the picture. We had some nice chats; I saw her off when they departed. I was 12 when world war II started and all of the war films were in black and white. Even the news was in black and white. I feel that black and white and war go together. There is nothing pretty about war. All wars are, more or less, the same; why should the films be any different?

Reviewed by gordonl56 7 / 10

Interesting bit of WW2 History


This Universal International production, is about a lesser known part of the battle for France after D-Day. After slogging it out with the German Army in Normandy for 6 weeks. The Allies have broken out of the bridgehead and are pursuing the Germans across France. The British and Canadians battle north towards Antwerp and its vital port. The Americans give chase across France to the retreating Germans. Until the port at Antwerp is captured and put into service, the further the Army advances, the further the supplies must travel to reach the front.

The RED BALL EXPRESS is the story of the men who fixed the supply issue. The Army rounded up as many trucks as possible (over 5,000) along with drivers and had the supplies moving 24/7.

Jeff Chandler is a Lt. in charge of a small part of the Red Ball Express. He was a truck driver in civilian life. His men include, Charles Drake, Bubber Johnson, Hugh O'Brian, Davis Roberts, Jack Kelly, Sidney Poitier and Alex Nicol. There is tension right from the start between unit Sgt, Nicol and Chandler. The two know each other from the States. Nicol, also a trucker, blames Chandler for his brother's death in a truck crash.

The trucks are loaded and sent off on the 200 plus mile trip to the front outside Paris. The men are warned to keep their weapons handy, as they could run into pockets of German troops along the route. This happens and men are killed. There is a brisk firefight and the convoy moves on.

Now, being a 1950's film, the makers throw in some female types. There is a pair of Red Cross workers, Cindy Garner, Judith Braun, as well as French lass, Jacqueline Duval.

The trucks are manned by two man crews that spell each other during the trip. Once offloaded, they head back to the beach outside Cherbourg. More supplies, then back on the road to the front. A lack of sleep soon causes a number of wrecks. Tempers grow short as the men start to get on each other's nerves. Inflaming matters is Nicol who is always crapping on commanding officer, Chandler.

The men though, take a shine to Chandler after several incidents where he defends his men against complaints from higher ranks. He tells them that his men are beat and need a break.

Things smooth out as more drivers are added to the RED BALL EXPRESS. This allows the men to get time off to get some sleep, not to mention flirt with the Red Cross females.

The group is at the front on another supply run, when they are asked to make a dangerous detour through the German lines. They are to supply a unit of tanks that has been cut off after running out of fuel, The trucks are driven right through the middle of a burning French village in order to make it to the tankers. The fuel is delivered and the tanks can continue their advance. Chandler even manages to rescue Nicol from a burning truck.

This is a decent mid budget actioner that was directed by the soon to be famous helmsman, Budd Boetticher. He does good work here keeping up a quick pace which only slows when the women are involved. Boetticher would score with a string of excellent westerns starring Randolph Scott. These include, RIDE LONESOME, THE TALL T, COMMANCHE STATION, WESTBOUND, BUCHANAN RIDES ALONE, DECISION AT SUNDOWN and 7 MEN FROM NOW.

The actual RED BALL EXPRESS was about 75% African American. These men were drawn from a various non-combat roles and sent into action as drivers. The men showed that they were just as capable of fighting and dying as anyone else.

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