Red vs. Blue


Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 8.3 10 8793

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Elijah Wood as Sigma 1 episode, 2012
Derek Mears as Ruben Lozano 2 episodes, 2016
Elizabeth Maxwell as Ohio 2 episodes, 2016
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AC-91 10 / 10

This is one of the funniest movies/web shows ever!

I had heard about the "Red Vs. Blue" thing from G4 a few times. They use a process called machinema where you use prerendered game engines for the movie. These people did Halo, and placed it in Gulch, a multi-player map in Halo. They recorded all this stuff and stuck it together into these short web shorts that would eventually make a season, which is more like a feature length movie, about and hour 1/2.

I have dial-up so it took forever to get the first few videos and for me it wasn't worth it. So whenever it came out as a movie on DVD at gamestop, I had to go get it! I was blessed ten fold from what I expected! It is hilarious! Most of the jokes are really funny and some try to be funny, fail, and are still funny! It does have many Insiders so I might advise watching the commentary after you've watched the original movie.

Everything has character and personality. Its not what you would expect a Halo movie to be about. It does have a little combat but just a little. Its all about the funny in this movie. Itis about these two groups of Spartans, one is Red and the other Blue (hence the name) and somehow they are in this civil war in the middle of a canyon fighting for flags. OK the fighting for flags is awesome for multi player games, but not for a story line. The awesome thing is they admit it! When asked why they needed the flag and why it was important they didn't have an answer! They just stuttered and said something like its the flag! We've gotta have it! So if you are out looking for a gift for the Halo fanatic in your family or just anyone ready for a good laugh, pick this one up. Caution, it cusses...a lot...but its still funny :D

Reviewed by cmalefatto 10 / 10

A Giant Leap Into Machinima

Red vs Blue is a delightfully funny and witty (sometimes) machinima series that spans over 20 or so episodes, that has been combined into one movie. The RedvsBlue Season 1 DVD. Machinima is the type of filmography that uses video games or virtual reality to illustrate a story. Red vs Blue, or RvB, uses Halo to play out the story of the feud between the Red team (Simmons, Grif, Sarge, Donut, and Lopez)against the Blue team (Church, Caboose, Tucker, and Sheila). After the blues notice they are outnumbered, they call for re-inforcements from a freelancer (mercenary) named Tex. For more, you'll just have to buy Season one of RvB to figure out the story, and learn more about the characters that us RvB fans, have come to love.

Reviewed by wolfnet-1 10 / 10

You need to watch this

There is no reason not to watch this show. If you love halo, you'll laugh your ass off, if not, you'll probably laugh your ass off anyways. It's just that funny. The characters are great, and the series is surprisingly long for a web-based show. There are 2 teams in a box canyon, they are fighting each other... well fighting isn't exactly the word for it. They are more in the habit of doing whatever they can to make the other teams lives worse. Throughout the series, new characters are added and an incredibly deep plot is uncovered. All together it's something you can watch again and again and never be disappointed. If you can find something not to like about this show than you don't belong near a computer or out in public.

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