Shadows on the Road


Drama / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.2 10 59


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fayeztarad 1 / 10

So, where is the end???

I don't want to spoil it out! but, this movie, when you watch it till the end .. you will realize that you wish you haven't seen it! it makes you wonder why the story is written this way! a way that humiliate the viewer for watching it!!

If you don't like the kind of movies that kills of the good character and leave the criminal character unpunished .. then don't watch it .. because this describes the content exactly!

Actually, I don't know how the actresses and actors accepted a storytelling like that. It shouldn't be approved before starting the production itself!

Sorry but, I have to say it .. the movie would be acceptable if the end doesn't insult the viewer this way. It makes it the most careless movie storytelling that I have ever seen!!!

Reviewed by bouhanamarc 8 / 10

very good and strange movie

I liked it a lot it is a strange movie and a road movie too i was fascinated with the music the atmosphere and everything happens the movie is only 1hour and 12 mn for me it was good entertainment

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