The House of the Devil



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Lena Dunham as 911 Operator
Greta Gerwig as Megan
Dee Wallace as Landlady
Jocelin Donahue as Samantha
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rsu6sic6 3 / 10

Snorefest followed by a Borefest

Before watching this movie I looked at some ratings for it and it it had a decent rating on IMDb so I figured I'd watch it. I started watching this movie late at night in hopes of giving myself a scare. Unfortunately, basically nothing happens in 70 minutes of the film. It took me 3 days to finish this snore fest of a movie. The first night was because I was tired and only got through 15 minutes, the second night I could only watch up to the 70 minute mark until I said to myself, "If nothing happens within the next 2 minutes I gotta stop watching this." Nothing happened so I went to sleep. With only about 25 minutes left in the movie, I watched it the following day. I had to wait 5 more minutes before anything actually picked up in the movie. That gave me about 20 minutes left. Luckily the snore fest upgraded itself to a bore fest. The babysitter finds a tub filled with hair, Oh so scary, then she passes out from the poison pizza she ate, Oh what a twist. Now she is tied up for a Satanic ritual, the owners of the house are all back and ready to sacrifice her. Somehow she escapes, beats people up, runs outside, blows her head off to save the human race and her soul the end. Oh whats this? A shot of a hospital? She's alive with her head bandaged up? How did she get there? How did she live a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head, how did the family explain the situation to paramedics? What a well thought out twist ending. Best ending ever.

Reviewed by RickHarvey 6 / 10

any second now i'll be blown away... maybe not

Well then, what do we have here? A modern horror film placed in the 70/80s era. I already like Ti West thinking. With most Horror films today being god damn awful, it refreshing to see one which pays homage to the classics while trying to be unique. From start to finish, the film is littered with classic horror references. The opening titles design, the babysitter, Satanism. Even some parts of the music score is identical to the famous Halloween score.

Now then, this film is very slow. It takes it time to build up, in fact, it takes the main character 30 minutes to reach the house. Thank god then that Samatha was likable. Now, it doesn't matter how slow a film starts, i mean the shining is regarded as slow but there one big contrast between the film's build up. One goes somewhere the other doesn't . Once we finally get to the house, we do nothing more than watch Samatha stroll around for the rest of the film.

West atmosphere is perfect, his camera work was great, the suspension was brilliant but nothing ever came from these very few moments. The suspense just keeps building , West keeps on adding more fuel onto the fire until finally he runs out and the credits starts rolling . Very little happens and when we do reach the final act, it ends up being boring and forgettable.

This film looks great but sadly , the script is poor leaving a potential film into a easily forgettable one. If you particularly enjoy watching people do nothing for a hour and 10 minutes, then this is highly recommended

Reviewed by Buddy-51 6 / 10

suspenseful buildup, less satisfying resolution

In "The House of the Devil," a young co-ed (Jocelin Donahue), hard-up for money to pay the rent on her new place off campus, answers an ad for a babysitting job way out in the boonies, only to be plunged headlong into a bizarre devil-worshipping cult in search of a sacrificial victim.

Set in the 1980s - in a time before cell phones gave us at least the illusion of connectedness and security - this refreshingly unadorned and unembellished thriller does something rather unique with its structure (possibly a necessity brought on by its extremely low budget). The story comes to such a slow boil that the stretched-out tension becomes almost unbearable, thereby enhancing the atmosphere of dread.

Unfortunately, die-hard slasher movie fans may be disappointed by the rather rushed, truncated and anticlimactic nature of the final scenes, in which our heroine finds herself being held captive by some of the most feckless and least competent kidnappers in horror movie history.

Still, the suspenseful buildup is more than compensation for the half-baked and halfhearted resolution that follows.

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