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Roberts Blossom as John Harper
Sam Shepard as Cal
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by blanche-2 9 / 10

a powerful film with an all-time great performance

Ellen Burstyn is one of my favorite actresses, and this is the film that did it for me. The simplicity and power of her performance is staggering.

I was a little disappointed to see this had been remade - I didn't watch it - and even more disappointed to read that it is not yet out on DVD. This movie is a must-see.

Burstyn plays Edna McCauley, an ordinary woman who is clinically dead for several minutes after a horrific auto accident that kills her husband. Crippled, she returns to the home where she was born with her nearly silent, cold father. During a family picnic, a hemophiliac starts to bleed and Edna is able to stop the bleeding. Her grandmother (the great Eva LaGalliene) recognizes that Edna now has the power to heal. Edna is then able to heal herself. Not being a very religious person, she tells her grandmother that she doesn't know much about God, but if the power she has comes from love, that's good enough for her. Unfortunately, it's not enough for one of the townsman, who believes her healing power comes from the devil. His son (Sam Shepard), with whom Edna becomes romantically involved, has more and more trouble coping with her gift as time goes on, and it can't heal the rift between her and her father, the reason for which is not revealed until nearly the end of the film.

My favorite part is the ending - it might be my favorite ending of any film. It is there that Burstyn shows how she becomes a character - she doesn't act, she just IS this woman. She takes the character through the journey of learning how best to deal with her life and power as only she can. It's one of the most mesmerizing moments in cinema.

Made in 1980, today "Resurrection" looks like one of the many independent films being made now - small in scope and a little off-beat. It holds up magnificently as the story and performances are timeless.

There are some roles that I think are perfect fits for their portrayers - Robert Preston in Music Man, Katharine Hepburn in Lion in Winter - and Ellen Burstyn in Resurrection. A beautiful film, a great cast, see it! You'll never forget it.

Reviewed by maybe43 10 / 10

Fine Film...A Personal Favorite

This beautiful movie is a wonder to watch...After a near-death experience, Ellen Burstyn discovers she has healing powers and proceeds to do good work in a quiet, unassuming way...which, nevertheless, gets her into trouble.

It is odd that I would like this film so well since 1) I am an atheist with zero belief in an afterlife; and 2) had my own near-death experience where I saw light, no tunnel...just nothing. Still, this film taps into my spiritual side...whatever that is...perhaps the acceptance that things go bump in the night for no good reason.

My pleasure in watching this film is enhanced by it's firm insistence that the gift of healing is not rooted in any one religion or even in religion itself. In these troubled times where religion often does more harm than good, the message of this film is both rewarding and healthy. Couple this with fine performances and slow, but well-paced direction, and you have an unusual movie which can movie even the most jaded of viewers (me!)

Reviewed by moonspinner55 7 / 10

A remarkable film...and an acting tour-de-force for Ellen Burstyn

Ordinary woman, recently paralyzed in a car accident that left her husband dead, drives with her father through the California desert and meets a wily, warm old coot running a service station; he introduces her to his two-headed snake and then, without provocation, touches the top of her head affectionately. Soon thereafter, she finds she can heal the ailing--including herself--which frightens her distant father as well as the new man in her love-life. Occasionally overwrought or slow, "Resurrection" has a solid screenplay to fall back on, and a terrific actress in the leading role. Ellen Burstyn, feisty, flawed and fed up, creates a three-dimensional character here who often makes bad choices but never loses our respect. Fighting with her father for the last time, she tells him, "I am trying to get you to love me." Fine supporting performances by Eva Le Gallienne, Richard Farnsworth and Lois Smith, but Sam Shepherd isn't well cast as the new love-interest (he's supposed to be a sexy bad boy, but instead he just seems villainous, in a perpetual foul mood). The movie lays on the hick-charm a bit heavily (our heroine is Edna Mae, her grandmother is Grandma Pearl), but it has a great deal of heart and some very moving, sensitive moments. *** from ****

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