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Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Finn Wittrock as Steve
Jack Quaid as Ben
Emma Bell as Perfect Maid of Honor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LouieInLove 8 / 10

Really Good

It's really good & I obviously enjoyed it. It's well written & acted.

It's the best romantic comedy I have seen in a while & deserves to be a hit. There's a moment when the lead female character's persona flips & it's heartbreaking.

It's just a good old Boy/Girl romcom - which is becoming a rarity. There is something for the majority of folk to relate to here.

Reviewed by narrator56 8 / 10

Irritating at first, the movie and lead characters grew on me

My wife gave up on this movie fifteen minutes into it, and I could almost see why. She did not like the Alice character or the interplay between her and Ben. I wasn't overly impressed with them either, but I saw just enough to want to keep going. So I did, and I am glad. As the two lead characters warmed to each other more, I started appreciating their wit, their playful banter and so on.

There were still a few cringeworthy moments and the wedding clips weren't as funny as they should have been, but overall I thought the second half of the movie saved the day. The last thing I wondered was whether there would be a grand gesture at the end of the movie, as there often is in romantic comedies to seal the romance, usually something that flashes back to the beginning. And what happened was - well, I will let you find out for yourself as a reward for sticking through the weaker moments of an ultimately heartwarming movie. I would only say that if you hate rom-coms, this won't change your mind, so save yourself the irritation.

Reviewed by dzlcomedy 10 / 10

Blew Me Away

I read somewhere that this could very well be our generation's "When Harry Met Sally" and I really think there's a lot of truth in that. Maya Erskine and Jack Quaid are extremely likable, both individually and as a couple. The movie makes sure to put the "com" in "romcom" and is both hilarious and also heartfelt. Extremely well-done. I'm already looking forward to rewatching this again. A+

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