Robin Hood


Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 52%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 82%
IMDb Rating 7.6 10 103938


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Phil Harris as Little John - A Bear
Pat Buttram as Sheriff of Nottingham - A Wolf
Peter Ustinov as Prince John - A Lion / King Richard
Ken Curtis as Nutsy - A Vulture
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SmithWinston 10 / 10

Disney's best

I've watched Robin Hood since before I could understand language. Even back then it entertained me, enough for my parents to have to play it whenever they wanted to keep me out of trouble. One would expect that anything that can hold the attention of a toddler is not going to have the same effect on an adult. I am glad to say that it does. I can watch this film today with the same eagerness, the same enjoyment and the same suspension of knowledge of what's going to happen. Who could help doing otherwise? It's first class storytelling.

There are the age-old characters, archetypes as well known as the story itself. In a twist of genius, the tale is set in the animal world. Robin Hood, everyone's hero, brought to magnificent life by a fox and given a dashing yet endearing voice. There's his ladylove, the long-lashed, elegant, eminently lovable Maid Marian, also a fox and just as perfectly voiced. One look at Marian, and it's easy to understand why Robin is so lost in his dreams of her that he ruins the stew he's been stirring.

Prince John, however likable the others, has somehow topped my list. Fittingly chosen to be a mane-less lion (compare his appearance with his brother Richard who has an ample mane), constantly whining for his mother when thwarted and complaining about Richard, he is the best representation of John I've ever seen. One mustn't forget his penchant for alliterating, in especial reference to his much put-upon sidekick/adviser Sir Hiss, a snake. Priceless gems like "Procrastinating Python", "Slithering Serpent" and of course the irresistible "You eel in snake's clothing" can all be heard directed at the pitiable Sir Hiss whenever John is frustrated in his plans to capture the elusive Robin. The unfortunate duo plays off each other very well. It must be said that whoever thought of getting Sir Peter Ustinov to voice the role of P.J. should have been promoted instantly. The late, brilliant Ustinov is greatly missed, but he lives on in his wonderful comedic works. His part here is right up there with his best performances. No one could have done greater justice to the younger brother who (rightly) feels that his governance compares unfavourably with Richard's.

A few other characters deserve to be mentioned. Little John, a bear very reminiscent of Jungle Book's Baloo, is light-hearted, trustworthy and the perfect companion and friend for our Robin. On one occasion early on, they have a great outing together as cross-dressers and use their very believable disguise to steal P.J. for everything he has on him. As for his voice, Little John's carefree American accent works very well alongside the British ones of the others. The lady-in-waiting to Marian, Clucky, is a brave lass and Friar Tuck is a kind old fellow. There are also the kids in the family of rabbits who understandably admire and adore Robin and Marian.

The script is smashing. What with the comedy, the heroic and witty lines for the good guys and the hysterical silliness of the sour villains of the story, this is a winner. It's always fun and never grows tired. The little ditty about Prince John's incompetence that goes around ("too late to be known as John the first, he's sure to be known as John the worst") is very in keeping with the rest of this film's tone. And who can forget the sheer madness of such a line as "I sentence you to sudden, instant and even immediate death", courtesy of Prince John of course.

It's not only comedy, because to top it all off, this film must have the best confession of love ever filmed. Although it works infinitely better when you watch it, I will attempt to sketch it here. Caught, tied up, sentenced and threatened with execution, Robin looks into Marian's expressive eyes and says "Marian my darling, I love you more than life itself". Her emotional response is an equally memorable one to behold. More sweetness inevitably follows in the eventual escape, but I'll leave that for your viewing pleasure.

The film wouldn't be complete without a fitting climax, and to satisfy us all, we've been given a good one. Climbing to the top of a turret, Robin has to leap down into the moat to avoid the fires that are close on his heels. His friends down below look on to see where he surfaces and are dismayed to find Robin appearing nowhere yet, to the delight of Prince John and Sir Hiss. It's a nice tug at the heartstrings. Although initially all hope seems lost, we know that the story isn't finished until the deserving Robin gets to be with his Marian and all's right with Nottingham and England.

Disney surpassed themselves with this one. It's much more than the sum of its parts (voice talent and likable characters, witty script, character designs, plotting). Having watched this a countless number of times in the past, I look forward to continuing to do so.

Reviewed by Mecha_Brendo 5 / 10

Great soundtrack, animation,and voice acting, but over all, a boring movie.

I used to have a tape of this movie when I was younger, and I always remembered watching it quite a few times. When I thought back to the movie, I couldn't really recall about the movie, except the music, and a few random moments. I saw this was on Netflix, and I re-watched the movie with some friends. We all had the same reaction; the music, like most Disney films, was great, but this time, the plot was boring. The whole movie seems a bit episodic, and unfocused. I don't regret seeing it, though. This movie should be fine for kids, just something pop in, and entertain them for a while. Of you're older, I'd say 15 and older, this movie is going to be more boring than entertaining.

Reviewed by Jesper Brun 10 / 10

Why doesn't this get more praise?

I really like Robin Hood. The colours, the humor, the villain, the action scenes. I just think it has everything to be good entertainment for all.

It is a shame that it is rarely spoken of. I find it SO much better than the cutesy and lazy Aristocats which is really overrated.

Prince John and Sir Hiss are hilarious villains throughout the movie. Basically a spoiled brat who cries loudly when things don't go his way. It is hard to make such a person credible, but Peter Ustinov does a great job. And he also sucks his thumb, genius! Actually, the Sheriff of Nottingham is a far more cruel villain in the movie.

Robin Hood also has these great changes in atmosphere. From whimsical and colourful to dark and melancholic.

And the soundtrack is amazing! I don't care what others say, the songs are gorgeous. When the soft and sincere "Love" plays I cry every time, it is so romantic. You really feel the romance. And "Not In Nottingham" sets the perfect mood when all citizens in Nottingham seem to have lost all hope.

It also has some of the best suspense from a Disney movie and a good climax.

Go watch it yourself. I will not ruin the experience.

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