Robot Apocalypse


Action / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 3.5 10 417

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lambgary444 1 / 10

Bad acting

I am not trying to give any spoilers but Tito Ortiz time in this movie was equivalent to a cameo. The acting was bad, the CGI was bad basically the whole thing was bad. Now the story plot well it was bad the way it was written. I can't say anymore without adding spoilers I will simply say with a good writer the plot could be made into a decent movie. You would need a better cast, director, producer and CGI experts. If you are reading this I will tell you save your time. This movie is awful on every single level do not waste your time even if you are bored. This would probably switch you from bored to mad or disgusted.

Reviewed by kirkjwootton 2 / 10

Just shockingly bad

There is really nothing endearing about this film.

Acting is weak - the script does not help though!

The scenes are not well connected.

It's just not worth wasting your time.

Reviewed by brett-76260 1 / 10

Holy crap Tito...

Well you went from one bad performance (octogon) to another one. I didn't think it was possible for movies to be this bad. Well you didn't disappoint. I'm guessing you're gonna come up with a thousand excuses why the movie was so bad. Your neck was hurting or your back was hurting or maybe even a bout of Hersey squirts??? We all know you are gonna have an excuse for yet another bad performance... I suggest you give your old buddy Chael a call and get a few pointers from him on how to put on a good performance. Great job dropping this robotic TURD! I would have a better time watching a stray dog drop a deuce than sit through this again.

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