Robot Carnival


Animation / Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 83%
IMDb Rating 7 10 1647


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Barbara Goodson as Wife / Grown Daughter / Clock / Woman
Bob Bergen as Kichi
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by blitzkrieg1701 10 / 10

Anime as it ought to be

This remains one of the best Anime feature films I've ever seen, and, in a stroke of great luck, was also the first Anime feature film I ever saw. While a little (well, a lot) on the artsy side at times, Robot Carnival is a great example of the reckless imagination and superb craftsmanship that Japanese animation at its best is known for. Unfortunately, it's also an example of a kind of film that is becoming very rare in the anime world today. Robot Carnival mops the floor with the ever spreading hordes of Dating Game adaptations/Merchandizing tie-ins that are never the less dominating the industry. Robot Carnival ought to be one of the most well known Anime in the world, not the obscure relic of hardcore geeks that it seems in danger of becoming. If you see a copy of this, buy it on the spot and see what animated film making ought to be.

Reviewed by atariteenager31 10 / 10

Truly great

Originally saw this back in the early nineties as a part of Sci-Fi's Saturday Anime. To this day, through all of the anime films/series I've seen, this still reigns as the greatest. No anime fan will be disappointed with this film, even those who aren't fans of the genre should enjoy this flick. It is sad that this film didn't get very much exposure in the States, as it easily could have been subject to awards. A great example of a film students interperetive dream; Trying to develop a correlation between all of the shorts (outside of their all contain robots), pulling some greater meaning from the movie. Yea, it's one of those types of movie, that appears to be on a higher philosophical level than just your average entertainment.

Reviewed by Aaron1375 9 / 10

A very nice collection of short anime tales all involving robots.

Almost every story in this film was very well done and enjoyable. I just wish I could get a hold of a DVD of this fine film so I can do a better review of it as there are a lot of the stories I can not remember to clearly as it has been a while since I last saw this film. I remember it starting with a bang as a giant robot carnival comes to town and begins to blow up everything in sight and this is also part of the ending tale too. There is a story of a woman kidnapped and a mysterious young man comes to save her, I enjoyed this one as the music was very good and this one had good action as well. Another one I remember is a Frankenstein one that is the shortest of the bunch if I remember correctly. Then there is one where a girl goes to a fair and somehow a ride she goes on ends up as being an action sequence. The funniest one involves two robots as a mad engineer does battle with kids using what was intended to be a float for a fair. Then there is a strange one involving a guy and this female bot, this story made the least sense, but I am guessing a lot of it was cut as I watched it on TBS so I am guessing it would make a lot more sense if seen in its entirety. The final one I remember is one about a robot that looked a bit like Mega Man just walking through the clouds, very simple but well done. I think there was more, but this is all I remember, like I said I would love to get a hold of the DVD so I can watch it all again and uncut this time.

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