Robot Ninja


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 4.1 10 460

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David DeCoteau as Russ Mazzola
Burt Ward as Stanley Kane
Linnea Quigley as Miss Barbeau
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by demonic_shepherd 10 / 10

Robots? Ninjas? Anything better?

My friend and I rented this movie because it has two great words combined into one crappy movie. Robot Ninja! He got sick of women kickin his butt so he donned a spandex "tank armored" suit and became the robot ninja. It sucked so much it was funny. I recommend it to fans of G.I. Bro and Frogs! Well that's it... time to write my paper on this magnificent piece of crap probably made in someone's closet or laundry room.

Reviewed by demonic_shepherd 10 / 10

If you love bad movies!

I used to have a hobby of watching very very bad movies, and let me tell ya: this is pure gold! Spoiler: His goal is to kill the rapists, but eventually he cant even handle the girl gangs. It's great! Spandex suit is supposed to provide "tank like armor!" If you like movies like this, be sure to check out "Brain Damage," and "GI Bro"

Robot Ninja does have terrible writing and acting. And no, there was no bidget to make this movie, but that is part of the charm. It is part of the terrible terrible charm. The scientist, Dr. Goodnight runs a lab out of his basement... for some reason. Again- if you love terrible movies with terrible acting and just like to make fun of them all night, then this is definitely one for you!

Reviewed by NightoftheDawnoftheDayoftheDead 1 / 10

If there was ever a movie to teach you not to rent movies based on the titles... it is.

I rented this in my early teens sometime, actually hoping for a Ninja movie, or better yet, a ROBOT Ninja movie.

The main character and some inventor guy make this costume, and becomes... THE ROBOT NINJA! dun dun dun....

Well, it's a guy in a dumb looking suit. He's not a robot, and he's not a ninja. I'm pretty sure he never even tried to do any sort of "ninja move" either.

The whole thing was really really boring and lame, and I'm sure that if I watched it again now I'd laugh my ass off at how horrible this thing is. At the time I wanted a damn ninja movie, and this thing just plain sucked.

Could have used more ninjas, robots, and robot ninjas.

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