Nightmare Sisters


Comedy / Fantasy / Horror

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Linnea Quigley as Melody
Michelle Bauer as Mickey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Skeeter700 10 / 10

Sorority Sisters Thirsty For Fellatio

Are you the kind of person that enjoys truly crappy horror movies? If you are, you surely know it, and this film is for you! Made by the same people who brought us the classic 'Sorority Babes In The Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama', the story involves three sorority sisters (including one of my favorite scream queens Linnea Quigley) who are possessed by a succumbus, which causes them to seek out fellatio in order to crave their desires. The only problem in this, is it is a deadly proposition for the guy's involved. Not as pornographic as you are thinking, even though at one point three women cram into one bathtub to share a 5 minute bubble-filled romp. A winner all the way! Skeeter gives it 9 for 10.

Reviewed by sleepaway 10 / 10

So only comment ever!!!!!!!!!

I have never gotten the desire to comment about a movie on these boards. If you are reading this, then behold you are indeed a part of a small piece of history. This will be the only comment about a movie I will ever make in my lifetime, on IMDb. If you are looking for a serious movie, keep moving! If you are looking for a movie that will lift your spirits...and have a wonderful time over and over again, look no further. Nightmare Sisters is the ultimate BMovie classic that captures teen antics, cheesy demons, and that 80's feel to perfection. I saw this movie when I was in my early teens, and had never forgotten about it. So much that I paid a great deal online just to have it on VHS. Thank god the movie is now on DVD. Seriously if you made it this far....take my word...this is the movie you've been looking for. Bmovie fans....don't miss out....and I bid you farewell.....

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 7 / 10

Sleazy fun.

Melody,Marci and Mickey are three geeky and unpopular college girls who can't get a date.One night,they invite three geeky college guys over and have a seance that results in the girls becoming possessed by a succubus and turning into sex starved vamps.The madness ensues...The plot of "Nightmare Sisters" is mainly an excuse to show tons of nudity provided by three American Scream Queens Linnea Quigley,Michelle Bauer and Brinke Stevens.This film is impossible to take seriously as it's loaded with corny dialogs and cheap special effects.The acting is rather atrocious,but you'll laugh until it hurts with this one.So invite some friends,drink tons of beer and enjoy this amusing little horror flick.7 out of 10.

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