The Prisoner of Second Avenue



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Sylvester Stallone as Youth in Park
Anne Bancroft as Edna Edison
John Ritter as Elevator Passenger
Jack Lemmon as Mel Edison
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by blanche-2 8 / 10

"Where you gonna get the watah???"

That moment of Anne Bancroft's is my favorite part of the entire film, often imitated where I used to work.

No one loves urban blight like Neil Simon, and no one depicts it as well. "The Prisoner of Second Avenue" goes much further than "The Out of Towners" because now, the leads (Jack Lemmon and Anne Bancroft) are actually living in a New York apartment, sleeping in 12 degree air conditioning in their bedroom during a heat wave and sweating everywhere else. Simon leaves nothing out: not having the right change for the bus, the elevator being out, no water, noisy neighbors, mean neighbors, a cheaply put together building, robberies in broad daylight, etc. Lemmon plays a 22-year veteran of a business who is fired, suffers a nervous breakdown, and goes into psychiatric care. His problems go beyond the loss of his job - he has to cope with his country dwelling brother Harry (Gene Saks) and his two sisters (Elizabeth Wilson and Florence Stanley) who want to help but only succeed in being aggravating. Also, his wife has gone back to work as a production assistant and is never home.

This is really a comedy-drama that shows the enormous range of both actors. The beautiful Bancroft is great as an empty nester who tries to be supportive of her husband, who is losing it, as she goes toward the same territory; Lemmon is alternatively a riot, as annoying as Felix Unger, and as sad as his character in "Save the Tiger" while he attempts to work through his issues and find out who he is.

With a high rise at Second Avenue and E. 88th St. as a backdrop, "The Prisoner of Second Avenue" is timely today because it takes place during a recession. Suddenly, a lifestyle that wasn't so outrageous to begin with is hard to keep up, and nerves fray.

City dwellers won't find it difficult to relate to this film, and today, with jobs cuts and loss of income, nobody will. Lots of fun.

Reviewed by jimmylee-1 8 / 10

Pertinent Prisoner

I've always thought of Neil Simon as being the one playwright consistently able to capture the genuine flavor of New York as a backdrop to the realistic personalities of his characters. Not being a New Yorker - Silicon Valley is about as far away as you can get - I'm afraid I have not been drawn to movies of his plays as strongly as to other comedies.

But Prisoner of Second Avenue is an exception. Maybe it's because I am indeed in Silicon Valley, where layoffs are something we all get to experience. But this movie captured so aptly the craziness of being laid off, staying home all day - seeing only the one you love (but starting to hate him/her too as an extension of your own self-hatred). Making petty grievances huge, and trying to pretend the truly huge issues no longer exist. And worrying about the bills, and the clothes, and how silly the family behaves when money gets involved. And how the bad luck seems to snowball. And how "therapy" sessions seem so futile.

The acting is superb - but I don't know of a movie where Jack Lemmon and Anne Bancroft have ever given us any less. Bancroft, in particular, when she makes the transition to anger, is perfect. Thankfully we're not handed any sop at the end either.

The subject is so realistic that I don't find it funny at all - but that's a failing of the times we live in, not the movie. A great flick.

Reviewed by matt_tawesson-1 10 / 10

One of Jack Lemmon's funniest movies!!

This movie from 1975, The Prisoner of Second Avenue, is one of Jack Lemmon's funniest films ever. He and Anne Bancroft, who plays his wife, are so wonderful. Jack Lemmon plays a man who works an office job and is always complaining about the problems going on in his life and around the apartment building that he and his wife live in. It is cold in one room, hot in the other, can't sleep well, etc. are his complaints. Shortly later on, he loses his job and is extremely stressed out BIG TIME about it, then several days later, his wife comes home from getting groceries and finds that their apartment was robbed!! Ouch! This is a very funny piece of entertainment with a stressed out man having a nervous breakdown and his wife trying to reassure him that things will be okay. I really love the remarks that Lemmon and Bancroft's characters trade to each other in this movie. It is so hilarious, you will just laugh till your sides hurt. I don't know if this film is available on DVD yet or not, but if it isn't, you are just going to have to rely on seeing it on some cable channel. If it is on TV, make a date to tape it.

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