The Wild Pear Tree



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Raven-1969 9 / 10

Witty and Beautiful

The wind rises as Sinan and Hatice kiss at a spring on the outskirts of the forest. It is the threshold of many things, not merely the forest. A few steps in the right direction will lead to love and the fulfillment of dreams. The wrong steps invite heartbreak and the crushing weight of societal expectations. Which way to go?! While Sinan inspires Hatice to let her hair down, a big step in Turkey, he can't seem to help himself. The gambling addiction, fawning desire to please and wild schemes of his father are not where Sinan wants to go, yet understanding his father is the key to understanding himself, for better or worse. Wild pears are isolated misfits, and so are father and son.

This witty and beautiful film is full of metaphors, wonderful imagery and deep, intriguing conversations. The film revolves around many interesting themes. Among these themes is that ruptures in the soul should be treated with joy and patience for they help us discover who we are. The cinematography is luminous, mesmerizing and far ranging from lamp lit streets at night, rainfall and close-ups of Hatice's flowing hair. I want to linger in each place. It is a long film, but for what it reveals about contemporary Turkish society and human nature, it is a fantastic bargain and worth the price. From the director of Winter Sleep and Once Upon a Time in Anatolia. Seen at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival.

Reviewed by skyisthelimit925 10 / 10

Perfect movie despite its length

Nuri Bilge Ceylan is arguably the best director Turkey has ever seen and Ahlat Agaci is definitely one of the best films in recent years that has been made by Turkish directors.

The plot, the acting and the cinematography is simply incredible. As a guy who lives in Turkey, it's very rare to see films with a quality. So in that way, I can easily say that Ahlat Agaci is the best movie in the past 4-5 years.

What stood out for me in the film was that you basically never get bored even though the film is quite long. No unnecessary scenes, no characters that you hate everytime you see them. Definitely a thing to consider.

NBC is so undervalued and underrated, at least in his homecountry. Interestingly enough, European cinema appreciates him and he almost always participates in Cannes Film Festival, but I'm %100 sure that half of Turkey doesn't even know his name. It's sad, but it also says a lot about the general look to cinema sector in Turkey.

Thanks to people like NBC, though, we can watch 'real' and 'non-American made' films.

Quality film by an incredible director. 10/10

Reviewed by sraswel 10 / 10

repeating the awesome experience of Winter Sleep

I remember very well the night I watched Winter Sleep in cinema. The movie was 3+ hrs and once it finished, I didn't notice at all we have spent 3 hrs watching. I could easily go more. That night experience is one the sweetest experiences that I ever had with Cinema. I was hoping to repeat the same experience and damn it again happened. The movie is story of a graduated guy that returns to his village. He wants to be writer. He has a once respected but now gambler father that is the reason of shame for him. He hates the village and all the people there. He wishes even to destroy there. The movie is the story of relationship of a son and father. Father as symbol of identity of the son. The feeling of moving on from your own identity and yet sill being stuck in it. Sinan hates his father but at the same time pities him. He wishes he could move on. At the end of movie Sinan realizes that the father is the wisest and sees himself in father. The father is the wild pear tree and so the Sinan. Bilge Ceylan was photographer and you can find amazing pictures in his movie. The scene that is taken from high and they are driving the truck in snow is amazing. The movie has some masterpiece scenes such as Sinan encounter with Hatice. The way their chat goes and twists to a erotic end, mix with the winds that splashes Hatice hair is so well made.

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