Saints and Soldiers: The Void


Action / Drama / War

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Bart Johnson as Captain Derrick Davis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by grrg63 3 / 10

WW2 Amateur Hour

OK acting for the most part couldn't overcome corny, ham handed writing and plot, especially the the parts concerning racism. The actors spouting technical factoids about guns and equipment seemingly meant to impress WW2 nerds was dumb. The most egregious failings were the unrealistic appearance of equipment (fresh of the assembly line - no mud, dents or wear whatsoever), and uniforms (suede leather shoes fresh out of the box; no dirt, stains, smudges or rips on the clothes).The actors spend most of the movie freshly shaven until someone finally realized how ridiculous they looked. The racist guy goes from clean shaven to having 3 days growth in the middle of a scene. Amateur hour. I will say that Owens relating the experience of black units with combat experience being relegated to rear guard service and support duties was a common occurrence and a realistic touch.

Reviewed by J B Thackery 3 / 10

Good basic premise; historically fantastic

The principal thrust of the movie is to resolve racial tensions and barriers. The film does this well. However, it is historically laughable to present Jesse Owens in a military capacity. Surely, he was a hero in sports, and social advancement in the USA, but he was never in the military. Blacks were also not generally allowed near the front in World War II, mainly to protect them from capture by the Nazis who would execute them on sight. The film does get around this obstacle, however, presenting a logical excuse for a black soldier to be at the front. But the social message, valuable as it is, could have been made without claiming the black character was the Olympic hero, Jesse Owens, which simply did not happen.

Reviewed by dbryn 3 / 10


I get that it was low budget, but it appears they still had a lot to work with. Budget won't fix lousy dialogue and plot holes. 40mins still trying to figure out what 'the objective' is. I get that people just want to survive 'war', but that's about all it was. Take "Saving Private Ryan", for instance. There was a mission and a clear goal. This movie? YAWN There's no point even illustrating the instances of 'ridiculous' in this film. I wish I could criticize the actual story, but honestly this was the worse movie I've seen this year, and likely a top 10 all time worst. Such is the case when you have a writer, director, and producer that are all the same person - he never had to put it through the 'BS' test. Lousy. A waste of 40mins.

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