Samurai Cop


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jellopuke 8 / 10

One of the best good-bad movies of all time

So many WTF moments, so many laughs, so much terrible. This is a great movie! Lots of fun to watch and provides more entertainment in its ineptitude than 99% of the studio movies with 1000X the budget. Classic cheese!

Reviewed by Kshitiz Mangal Bajracharya 1 / 10

What on earth .... what on the entire universe is this?

Let me get this straight. This was one of the worst and one of the most atrocious films I have ever watched. But still, it is way better than "The Room". There, I said one good thing about it. Now, it is time to talk some real things about it, and sorry, there's no more good things about this rather than what I just mentioned.

This film has so much of, I mean an entire bunch of, awfully hilarious characters, who are not supposed to be awfully hilarious but are awfully hilarious, yet, trying to be dead serious. They are "awfully hilarious" in the sense that people are not laughing with them, but are laughing at them. The character build-up and the storytelling (if there was a story) was so bad that you'll constantly say "what the hell is going on?!" The main character is nicknamed "Samurai Cop" because he is a cop, who has been to Japan and has some sort of "Samurai ability" and still doesn't even know anything about Japan. He is constantly using the "double meaning" lines to get himself a girl to have physical relationship, and succeeds every time. Is he a cop or a playboy, or what? He, then, plans a similar stuff with one of the girls with the bad guys, as a part of plan, but is permanently "attached" to her? I mean .... how does that even make sense, even if it did, it was put on the screen perfectly terribly. Speaking of this, the film cuts back and forth to the unnecessary bed scenes, which ultimately doesn't make any sense at all, some of them are really really abrupt. There, these are some small example of what I meant by "poor storytelling". Then, you can notice the hair of the main lead. It changes from real hair to a feminine wig time to time. In the last fight, you can literally see the wig getting detached from the head. The background score is so much like an early video game score. The action scenes are very bad and superficially choreographed. They duck behind a tree, shoot and duck. That's it, that's the main part of the final action scene. Then, in an action scene in the middle part of the film, one of the bad guys get his hand chopped by Samurai Cop. That part was probably supposed to be intense, but the way they put it, it looked laughable. And that final sword battle, that was the only "Samurai" part in the entire film, which was called "Samurai Cop". Both the guys spin that sword in the way that that's the last day of their life and the entire sword battle is so bad that it's good. The entire film felt like it was a bunch of rehearsal scenes put together. None of them felt like a part of a film. The wig, the falling of the wig are some examples, with some people forgetting their lines! (Sigh!!!!) All the actors as well as the characters they play are awfully hilarious and completely over the top in a nonsensical way. This film is a complete nonsense. A complete atrocity. A complete pile of horse$#¡+.

Looks like I tried to review this film, but I happened to give more of a summary. That's because, there isn't anything that can be reviewed. This film is just a complete puke-worthy feast of nonsense.

Score : absolute 0/10 - means exceptionally cringe-worthy

Grade : F

Reviewed by breakdownthatfilm-blogspot-com 6 / 10

Crazy stupid but entertaining to some degree

There are just some people in life that seem to have no idea how to do certain tasks. Yet their profession in life is the exact thing they cannot do correctly. How does that work? Well it doesn't matter because people like this exist all the time and sometimes, there are no answers. So the only way to deal with this matter is to either ignore it or embrace it. When it comes to bad movies, there's only a select group of filmmakers who can make ones that are so bad they are good. But occasionally, others make it into this category solely due to one production they had ever made. For director Amir Shervan, this feature would be his claim to fame. Yet prior to this film, his name was not well known. Even with the 29 other credits he had listed under him, it would be this movie that would bring his name into a conversation. Who would have thought though that such a ridiculous title would even get anyone's attention? Nobody probably did, but this is one of those films where that's the least silliest thing about it.

The premise to this action film is about Frank Washington (Mark Frazer), a cop who needs help cleaning up the streets. However, the Japanese gangs that run around are ruthless. So for help, he recruits Joe Marshall (Mathew Karedas) also known as Samurai. Why? Because he was trained in the way of the samurai as well as your local urban cop. With that, you have your samurai cop. Running the gangs are Fujiyama (Cranston Komuro) and his henchman Okamura (Gerald Okamura) and Yamashita (Robert Z'Dar). The only connection Washington and Marshall have to Fujyama is Jennifer (Janis Farley), Fujiyama's girlfriend and business partner. So as to how they get closer to their enemy - it's rather obvious. The script was also written by director Amir Shervan. With that said, this gives a clear indication as why things are the way they are throughout the whole film. There are several things about it that are just hilariously stupid about it and yet it works in its favor.

The two biggest flaws the screenplay has are the dumb choices certain characters make throughout the film and the other being the over the top nonsensical dialogue said between characters. There are so many scenes that add nothing to the plot or develop the characters. Joe Marshall is somehow able to convince every single female he meets to sleep with him without even really saying much. How repressed were these women? Some just flat out ask Marshall whether or not he wants to fornicate with them. What world does this take place in? Like this happens in public settings, not your local strip club. As for the acting performed by Frazer and Karedas, they are okay to laughable at most. Karedas seems like he can act when he wants, but there are other times where no emotion exists. Meanwhile Frazer looks like he was on something the whole time during shooting. There's not a moment where he's serious whatsoever. I'm just curious if Karedas really saw himself as an actor. He looks more like a GQ model.

Aside from these two though, the best actor of the whole cast was in fact Robert Z'Dar. An underrated thespian in general, Z'Dar may not be in too many big hit films, but he did have way more than the two stars mentioned before. Being in movies like the Maniac Cop (1988) franchise and Tango & Cash (1989), he was certainly someone to recognize. Here Z'Dar is mildly controlled but is in the best shape of his life for this movie. As for the rest of the actors, Gerald Okamura is known for being in other big budget films like Big Trouble in Little China (1986), Showdown in Little Tokyo (1991), The Shadow (1994) and Blade (1998). As for Cranston Komuro, the only movie he's known for is this one. There is also Melissa Moore playing Peggy, another cop but her role isn't that significant. Now with acting being mostly on and off, is there anything to expect from the other components? Some of it yes. The action sequences and effects are not one of them however. Being that filming was rushed and edited poorly, almost nothing works.

Many of the action scenes are boring and not that energetic. Several shoot outs sound as if they were all practicing and not aiming at one another. Some of the sound effects are not even placed on the right scene with some noisy shots falling silent. Only the sword duel finale was moderately entertaining, but nothing else. The cinematography was at least average. Handled by Peter Palian, a frequent Amir Shervan collaborate, the camera-work at least provides some sights to this action flick. When it comes to the backgrounds, especially the ending, audiences will get a clear view of what surrounds the main characters. When it comes to interior set pieces, they look okay as well. For music though, that needed some work. Composed by Alan DerMarderosian, the score sounds almost to that of a Gameboy Color start menu. It's not bad, but it's association to the story feels mismatched. Plus there are several times where the music will abruptly cut off when scenes change. That is never a good thing. Oh well.

There are things to find enjoyable about this because it is so horrendously put together. But that doesn't mean it's in anyway a good movie. The story is bare bones, the action, effects and music are all sloppily edited. The only saving grace is it's cast and the insanely goofy script.

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