Once Upon a Time in London



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Leo Gregory as Billy Hill
Holly Earl as Aggie Vaux
Dominic Keating as Belgian Johnny
Geoff Bell as Darky Mulley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kilofunker 5 / 10

Continuity of scenes please

This could have been so much better why on earth do they not hire a decent continuity director. It's so fractious and chops from scene to scene with little explanation. It's like they left a quarter of it on cutting floor what a pity

Reviewed by makiru220419 1 / 10

Originally was an IMDB 9 point something rating...

Watched it on the pretext of the initially high IMDB rating and was just amazed how really poor the production was. Majority of the time the scenes were dimly lit, the acting from all those concerned were a bit wooden and you could see that the supporting cast of extras were REALLY acting (they seemed embarrassed to be there...).

The storyline appeared to be one punch up from start to finish, interspersed with people talking just before a punch up.

An easy film to miss, do some decorating instead, the time will be better used.

Reviewed by jcooper1-271-83779 8 / 10

Peaky Blinders meets Legend

This film is a great period piece with an amazing costume set. A film that brilliantly portrays the true start of underworld crime in London. The storyline follows fact and the scenes are interspersed with some dark comedy to keep the viewer amused. The fight scenes are graphic and cleverly shot and the music score is ideal for the era and theme. Terry Stone has come on great leaps since the Rise films and this film shows a different class to his work. Great acting from the two lead parts in particular. Lots if familiar faces included in there. Give it a go, you'll enjoy this British masterpiece

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