Sands of the Kalahari


Adventure / Crime / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.8 10 1162

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Susannah York as Grace Monckton
Stuart Whitman as Brian O'Brien
Nigel Davenport as Sturdevant
Stanley Baker as Mike Bain
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Theo Robertson 8 / 10

Entertaining And Exciting Examination Of Human Nature

There's some common ground with both ZULU and THE SANDS OF THE KALAHARI . Both were financed by Hollywood executive Joseph Levine , both were co-produced by Stanley Baker and Cy Endfield and Enfield scripted and directed both films which were distributed by Paramount pictures and both have South African locations . ZULU is rightly regarded as one of the greatest movies Britain has ever made ( For the sake of argument ZULU is a British movie regardless of its Hollywood involvement ) and airs on British network TV at least once a year . However SANDS is almost totally unknown . I saw it one afternoon about 15 years ago and until today that was certainly the last time it was broadcast . A pity because although I had very vague memories of it being good I hadn't realized how great it was until today . I was actually speechless after " THE END " caption came up on screen . This is every bit as exciting and entertaining as ZULU

I would describe this movie as THE NAKED PREY meets 28 DAYS LATER . A strange combination I know but where as Alex Garland's script tried rather unsuccessfully to mix twin themes involving human nature and survival here Endfield's script explores how far human beings can go in order to survive . Monkeys are also important to the plot believe it or not ! Seeing as the script for THE NAKED PREY was Oscar nominated I can't help feeling that Cy Endfield was short changed at award ceremonies . THE NAKED PREY deserved its accolades but the script here is slightly more dramatic since there's more characterisation involved and there little digs at the human condition if you look closely enough you'll see lust , greed , ignorance and even the old excuse of " I was only following orders " come in for criticism . I would love to discuss the script in more detail but that would involve spoilers and I wouldn't want to spoil this movie for anyone who hasn't seen it . All I will say is ....

WATCH THIS MOVIE IF YOU GET THE CHANCE . It's intelligent , exciting , very well paced and criminally underrated . The fact that this page and its related message board is composed mainly of people crying " Please release this on DVD " should tell you what a great movie this is

Reviewed by gronj 10 / 10

One of my favorite all-time movies

What a great flick. It's hard to believe that it never received the recognition it fully deserved. Acting is first-rate, the scenery magnificent and the plot hooked you in immediately. The ULTIMATE survival movie!

Stuart Whitman played his role as ultimate survivor to the hilt in probably the most effective role ever in his career.

I would hope that some day Paramount comes to it's senses and releases this on DVD. All fans of this movie should in fact demand no less- let's start lobbying Paramount. Until then, it is an all too rarely seen item on cable movie channels like A&E or AMC.

Reviewed by barnabyrudge 7 / 10

Exciting and frequently savage adventure set in the African interior.

Sands of the Kalahari sounds as if it is based on a book by Wilbur Smith, but actually it isn't. It features a top-drawer cast, some blazing African location photography, and a genuinely exciting storyline about survival in the wilderness.

The story deals with a plane crash. The survivors find themselves in the middle of the Kalahari desert, close to a barren, rocky outcrop inhabited by baboons. They manage to make a shelter in the rocks and await rescue, but after a while it becomes clear that no-one is coming to look for them. Tensions begin to rise, and various characters react in various ways: Stuart Whitman's character becomes more and more like the savage, primitive monkeys; Nigel Davenport finds himself sexually craving for one of the ladies in the party; Susannah York becomes increasingly flirtatious; Harry Andrews scientifically toils away trying to come up with a rational escape plan; Stanley Baker just deals with the situation in a quietly courageous way.

The film is very exciting. You get to know the characters quite well, and you find yourself considering their plight very seriously and pondering on how you would cope in similar circumstances. The unpredictable nature of Whitman's character and Davenport's character means that you are always on your guard, expecting the unexpected. This is a really good little film, generally forgotten now but well worth seeking out. If you get the chance to view it... do!

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