Under the Eiffel Tower



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Gary Cole as Gerard
Matt Walsh as Stuart
Reid Scott as Liam
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by reidandgenene 6 / 10

Pleasant Misfire

This is a pleasant little romantic comedy, with a couple of big problems. It might be the best you're going to do for Valentine's Day 2019 if you don't like slasher movies. The first big problem is the male lead, Matt Walsh. He just doesn't express enough emotion to carry a romantic comedy. The other actors are fine, especially Michaela Watkins as his best friend's wife. Reid Scott, whom I haven't seen before, was also good as a sleazy former soccer player.

The other problem is in the initial premise: major creepiness here. I shan't spoil it, but maybe they should have had him fall in love with Michaela Watkins or something like that.

Reviewed by charles-977-981384 10 / 10

Funny and Beautiful and even esoteric

This movie was beautiful to look at with scenes of French country side and Paris. The cast was great, with poignant and hilarious performances. The restaurant scene may be my favorite. I loved the story and it provided the needed emotional release. Loved the end.

Reviewed by thomasjbollinger 2 / 10

Complete waste of time and utter nonsense

The movie is just bad. Acting is bad, story is full of plotholes, characters are badly developped and so on. BUT: Is it funny? No. Is anything credible? Not at all: There are no direct flights from St. Louis to Paris, it's impossible to catch up with a train that goes 200 mph, french country people are not dressed like in the vogue, they are not constantly wine drinking (I mean, at 8 in the morning, not if you're a lady) and many more things that make you think: Hey they made that movie for Americans who have never been abroad, paid by the french tourism office. This movie made me angry and I want my time back.

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