Forbidden World


Horror / Sci-Fi

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Michael Bowen as Jimmy Swift
Scott Paulin as Earl Richards
June Chadwick as Dr. Barbara Glaser
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 7 / 10

"Welcome to the Garden of Eden. We play God here."

Expect little from it and you'll be please with what you get. I was. 'Forbidden World' is a quickly produced Roger Corman low-budget b-grade fable that's all in for exciting and junky exploitation. Nice. So I see it tagged as an 'Alien' clone… yeah kinda. Ah definitely. This time it's not an outer-space visitor, but a mutant of genetic work which goes through transformation cycles and then making ends meat of a terrific b-cast. Out of all of the films of this ilk that decided to ride the wave of 'Alien (1979)' success, from what I've seen this would be my favourite of the bunch. Still need to get my hands on the other Corman produced Sci-fi / horror cult fave 'Galaxy of Terror (1981)'.

The story centres on intergalactic trouble-shooter Mike Colbey being sent to a barren world were a group of scientists in remote station are researching genetic research without restrictions. However one of their experiments has got out of control.

It's rather straightforward, even though the script does throw around many scientific exchanges but counterpointing that is many trashy dialogues. But it seems to know what it is and goes about it in the right manner. After such a disjointed beginning (like from some other movie), it hits its strides and keeps a quick tempo, as it moves through in no time. Where this draws the most interest from is its crude and gooey make-up effects. It's daring, outrageous and literally had guts. There are a few unforgettable sequences and it's a sight to behold in the way they finally depose of the mutant. Ridiculous, but clever. However talk about leaving a icky mess! They don't make them like this anymore. Although it did get hard to see with moments of hectic editing techniques (though some odd inclusions added something different), dim lighting composition and fuzzily intrusive photography. This stark visual quality helped cemented the forebodingly moody and suffocating atmosphere within the tautly limited set-designs. Susan Justin's electronic score is elastically thumping with a real seductive pull to it. Some might call it irritably cheesy, but I loved the main theme. Allan Holzman's direction is bitingly simple and it works. Adding graphic violence (like the melting tissue in to sloppy gruel) and constant sleaze (with actresses June Chadwick and Dawn Dunlap showering together) in a pulsating package of genuine competence. The mutant (who turns peeping tom at one stage or another) with its massive head and glaring teeth looks great and terrifying. The cast do the job of what's asked from them. Jesse Vint is fine as Mike Colbey, although he spends more time flirting and sleeping about with the women. Fox Harris hams it up as one of the scientists and the sumptuous June Chadwick gives a sharp performance as scientist too. The gorgeous Dawn Dunlap spends a lot of the time screaming her head off, running around corridors and baring flesh. I guess the character is just keeping to tradition. Linden Chiles, Michael Bowen and Scott Paulin cap off a modest support cast.

Cheap and tacky, but highly enjoyable kitsch.

Reviewed by Squonkamatic 8 / 10

This Movie Rules.

FORBIDDEN WORLD is quite simply a brilliantly stupid, enjoyable little movie. Almost perfect: It has space ships, laser battles, a cool drooling grinning skulled alien, abundant gratuitous female nudity, an excellent early electronica musical score, buckets of gore, slimy alien killings, voyeurism, stuff exploding, girls sunbathing naked in space, is over quickly (77 minutes: perfect for limited attention spans) and the hero is actually the movie's brilliant dork character, whom the surviving female hottie (Dawn Dunlap, who gets naked a lot in her movies) was secretly really in love with all the time. That's because he was smart, and smart is sexy. So like in fellow Geekanoid Sci-Fi/horror hybrids as CHOPPING MALL and HARDWARE, the manbeef lead actor (Jesse Vint, who looks familiar ...) is just a distraction for the popcorn crunchers. The real movie is about the geek and how he beats this transmogrifying alien mass of goo and teeth.

Also known as MUTANT, director Allan Holzman's FORBIDDEN WORLD is of course the 3rd of the Big Three Alien Sleaze Epics from the very early 1980's which exploited the ideas Dan O'Bannon and Ridley Scott cooked up for ALIEN. All three were released in the US by Roger Corman's New World Films and make a sort of unofficial Trio -- The first was Norman "Warm & Fuzzy" Warren's deceptively cheesy looking HORROR PLANET (or INSEMINOID) in 1980, then Bob Clark's GALAXY OF TERROR (or MIND WARP: AN INFINITY OF TERROR) in 1981, then Holzman's FORBIDDEN WORLD in 1982. The films helped fill a void created by the sensational effect of ALIEN and the natural desire to try and make more of it for less. All three had very low production budgets but stand as remarkable & effective little shockers with allegorical references to alien outsiders who want to kill our men and mate with our women, and then eat them.

GALAXY OF TERROR is the silliest of the three and in some ways the most true to the original ALIEN spirit. HORROR PLANET is a far more potent mix, a Sadistic frenzy of murder and chaos with Judy Geeson sweating and screaming and grimacing her way into history. She should have been nominated for an award of some kind, though exactly which variety I am unsure. It is a difficult movie to watch.

Contrastingly, FORBIDDEN WORLD exists as a Sadean fantasy, with the alien more or less leaving it's grubby mitts off the ladies, who both disrobe twice and engage in relations with the manbeef action star lead, and THEN take a shower together. Golly!! One of the interesting aspects of the film is how it repeatedly disrobes it's women and then places them in harm's way, with this grinning, drooling, slimy alien just a tentacle slither away, and as with GALAXY OF TERROR much of what we now know as Hentai Anime and it's unsavory sexual violence was given root in what we see in these films: Slimy, tubular, disgusting aliens having their way with or just simply ripping apart aggressively gorgeous, sexy women in states of undress or nudity.

On that level of thinking, FORBIDDEN WORLD is probably the most exploitative of the trio, using it's subject matter literally where GALAXY OF TERROR and HORROR PLANET both had sub-textural meaning to what was happening on camera. Allan Holzman stuck with the basics: Slimy alien running loose on isolated space station with nubile females showering together while scruffy 2 day growth faced action types search for it with flashlights and ineffective weapons. By keeping the height of his goal post appropriately low, Holzman may have made the superior entertainment of the three, especially if you are fond of naked women and buckets of simmering goo.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

An enjoyably trashy early 80's low-budget "ALIEN" rip-off

Made right after the splendidly schlocky "Galaxy of Terror," this choice cheesy chunk of early 80's sci-fi/horror drive-in exploitation junk rates as yet another lovably low-rent two-cent Roger Corman gem. This time a toothy, voracious rampaging mutant beast terrorizes a bunch of hapless folks in a remote outpost on a hostile desert planet. Allan Holzman's blunt'n'basic direction maintains a ceaseless snappy pace throughout and pours on the gruesome slimy gore with rip-snorting go-for-it aplomb. The ever-cool Jesse ("Macon County Line") Vint makes for an excellent surly anti-hero as intergalactic troubleshooter Mike Colby. Late, great eccentric character actor Fox Harris (the brain-fried lobotomized scientist who drives the car with the radioactive alien corpses in the trunk in the fantastic sci-fi cult black comedy blast "Repo Man") has a scenery-gulping hammy field day as a twitchy flipped-out physician whose cancerous liver is fed to the monster at the picture's incredible conclusion (the grody thing literally pukes its guts out after eating the lethal organ!). Better still, this fine freaky flick certainly doesn't skimp on the copious gratuitous nudity: adorable baby doll beauty Dawn Dunlap bares her whole bod while bagging a few rays in a sauna, stupendously slinky British blonde bombshell June Chadwick (Lydie on the short-lived "V" TV series) happily hops in the sack with Colby a mere five or six hours after making his acquaintance, and both Dawn and June even take a shower together. Susan Justin's obscenely heavy-breathing score, the cramped, claustrophobic set design, Holzman's rapid-fire editing and Tim Suhrstedt's appropriately lurid cinematography are all likewise up to par as well. A delightfully trashy hoot.

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