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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Superunknovvn 6 / 10

On par with part two, but nowhere near as good as the original

"Saw III" is a classic case of an ambitious sequel that has a few really nice ideas and some scenes that will make fans of the franchise very happy, but in the end it doesn't, it can't hold a candle to the original. It's a rule of the series by now that a "Saw" movie must include a lot of gory deaths as well as an unexpected twist at the end. While the first thing isn't so hard to come up with - and the makers definitely do a fine job thinking of the sickest, bloodiest deaths possible - it's the twist that seems more forced with each entry in the franchise. It's a disadvantage that we know for a fact a surprise is coming. What's worse is that in "Saw III" the final twist doesn't resolve a question we've been asking ourselves during the whole movie. No, it's question and answer in one and that doesn't make it particularly interesting. It's just a lot of explaining over some annoyingly edited flashbacks.

Speaking of flashbacks, there are way too many in this movie. We see things that we really never needed to see. Loose ends are tied up that aren't actually loose ends. It's like the writers read too many threads on the IMDb message boards for the previous movies and decided to spell out everything that has been ambiguous until now to put an end to all discussions once and for all. It only goes to show that those things were a lot more intriguing when they were left in the dark.

Jigsaw himself won't ever keep his mouth shut in this movie. The guy has thought of many cruel traps but his constant blabbering is his most sadistic device. He's already been overexposed in part 2, and this entry in the series continues to make that mistake. After the revelation about his identity at the end of the original, there really weren't too many mysteries surrounding him anymore, but part 3 still tries to come up with some (mainly about his relationship to his accomplice). Again, this is unnecessary and not very interesting information.

Considering how quickly the "Saw" movies have been made, it's a little miracle that they still turned out to be quite entertaining. However, one wonders if the franchise couldn't be better if a bit more time was spent on developing the sequels. The production values in particular could use some improvement. The make up looks fine, but the stage design makes both sequels look like an episode of "Star Trek".

So, yes, "Saw III" is as fast paced as its predecessors and the gruesome torture scenes don't disappoint. See it, if you're looking for mindless fun, but don't expect it to knock you off your feet the way the original did. Apparently part 4 is already in the works. Now that's just going to be a waste of time as "Saw III" already ends the series. Guess, Hollywood never learns. "Halloween" anyone?

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 4 / 10

Neither disturbing or puzzling

Finally saw all the 'Saw' films prior to seeing 'Jigsaw' (as part of my wanting to see as many 2017 films as possible this year, during a quieter and less intensive period). Heard a lot about the films, good and bad, but wanted to see them for myself to know what to expect.

The films as an overall series are a very mixed bag. The original 'Saw' had a great premise and while it was problematic it was still pretty good and one of the best in the series. 'Saw II' had its own problems but it was still one of the few follow-ups to be just as good and have what made the first click as well as it did. However, whereas there was the sense that the novelty was still there with 'Saw II', in 'Saw III' it's the opposite, not just gone but almost done to death. It just goes over the top in some elements and forgets what elements were instrumental in the series' appeal.

'Saw III' is not unwatchable by all means. Credit is due for providing origins for Jigsaw, one of those characters where his modus operandi, impulse and justification sets him apart from most characters of his type, and his enthusiastic helper. The music score is suitably eerie.

Acting-wise, the film is also performed surprisingly quite well, especially a suitably tortured Angus McFadyen and a bone-chilling Tobin Bell, if there is one thing that hasn't lost impact and continued to not do so it's Bell. Donnie Wahlberg continues to show that he is a vast improvement over Cary Elwes, but he doesn't have much to do here.

On the other hand, a big problem with 'Saw III' is that it isn't that disturbing or puzzling. There aren't the truly ingenious traps, just as imaginative demises or the devilishly clever twists seen previously (primarily the twist ending of the first). They are instead replaced by rambling exposition, a flashback-within-flashback framework that just confuses the story and the viewer and a distastefully overblown over-reliance on violence and gore. It was just overkill, and actually made the film exhausting and almost unintentionally funny in places.

Will admit that the script was not a strength in either of the first two films, but even they weren't this flat or insultingly contrived. At least too they had clever and intriguing moments and were easy to follow, this cannot be said for the script for 'Saw III'. The story is basically a retread that's both overdone and anaemic and has little sense of unease or suspense, the exposition/flashback-heavy structure and the very flawed execution of it hurting it severely. It also multiplies any credibility lapses and ridiculousness of before by a hundred and doesn't really go to anywhere much until the climactic moments, which felt so unresolved it was almost like a cheat.

Missed the effectively claustrophobic look of the first 'Saw' and the more elaborate and no less creepy one for the second film. Here the production values just look rushed and amateurish, especially in the editing. Bahar Soomekh does her best as Lynn, though believing her as a surgeon is a bit of a stretch. The direction doesn't seem as assured and the film really could have done with being 15-20 minutes shorter.

In conclusion, okay for 'Saw' series completests but neither disturbing or puzzling. 4/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by qmtv 1 / 10

Implausible! Garbage! Cheap amateur filmmaking! – Advice, next time perhaps you try to think, before leaving positive reviews on garbage films.

OK, I bought the DVD with the first 7 Saw movies. The first was decent when I saw it years ago, watching it last year, no more surprises so I thought it was just OK, a C rating for a B movie. #2 sucked full on. Crappy lighting, cinematography, editing, acting, dialogue, convoluted story. Just plain garbage.

Now, #3. The best part about this movie was the chained guy, and the chained female cop. Straight up copy from Hellraiser! And I enjoyed Donnie smashing his foot, next time they should try Donnie smashing his face! Besides these scenes this movie is garbage.

The cinematography was not as bad as #2. But still amateur, point and shoot. The editing is quick and garbage. The lighting is crap. The acting is horrible. The characters are garbage. Nobody acts like this. Tobin Bell seems like a decent actor, but I hate his voice, and his character and dialogue is garbage. Shawnee Smith's character is garbage. If she's crazy, then make her character crazy. But then, how the hell could they pull off all the kidnappings, and all the equipment and set up? It is impossible. It can't happen. And that is where most of the problem is. How the hell did she get into the female cops apartment without the cop noticing. Think about it! Where were these abandoned locations? The only way you can have access to locations like this is if you have a film studio paying to rent them and shooting the film, but not if you're a wackjob on a mission to teach some people with emotional problems a lesson on how to appreciate life. The female doctors acting was OK, not great. And the husband who lost his boy, this guy was plain horrible. The frozen woman was OK, but then we get a scene of her completely frozen, very stiff! The judge, OK. The black guy, well he acted terrified.

The story and the twists. Now, I'm sure someone can come up with something better than this.

Last two weeks I watched the first 8 Hellraiser movies. First 2 were decent because of the stories. The rest were below par mix bag of I don't know what. But at least all of them were better than Saw 2 or 3. The older I get, the more I want stories. Compelling stories, with characters that relate, and actors that can portray plausible situations, within the context of the film. Saw 3, and Saw 2 do not do that. These stories only happen because the screenwriter wrote them and the production team went ahead and filmed and produced the product for our supposed entertainment. I cannot believe that some said hey, how the hell did some sick guy and a drugged out/wacko chick pull off all these sets and traps, and kidnap all these people. Lots of equipment all around. Is Jig independently wealth? So, some points for the chain kills near the beginning of the film, minus stealing scenes from Hellraiser. This film is a complete failure. F, 1 star, garbage.

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