Saw V


Action / Crime / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 12%
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Julie Benz as Brit
Meagan Good as Luba
Shawnee Smith as Amanda
Donnie Wahlberg as Eric Matthews
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tom_lewis86 1 / 10

You won't believe how it ends? yeah right!

Of all the SAW films so far this has to be the worst! Where all the others had twists you could never see coming or endings that nearly everyone was shocked by this film was a massive letdown.

There was no imagination going into the traps in this film. They were nearly all as gruesome as possible with no real thought going into making them all seem different. They just seemed like nothing made any of them different or original.

The size of some of the contraptions were ridiculous and totally unrealistic to have been made by any less than a team of probably half a dozen engineers. The SAW films have gone from being shocking but realistic situations like two men handcuffed to radiators in a room to completely far fetched unrealistic situations.

As a huge fan of the series of films I was bitterly disappointed when the credits started to role and I just sat there thinking "was that it?!" Honestly this will ruin everything you love about the SAW films, if you love the rest then go and see it just to say you've seen it and so you can just get the tiny little bit of the story this film adds to. If you've never seen any SAW films before go and see ANYTHING but this film.

I know this just sounds like a rant about how much I hated this film but if you've seen the rest, go and see it and I really think you'll agree with what I'm saying. Shockingly bad is my final thought! a real letdown in every way!


Reviewed by ruddaga 4 / 10

Saw 5 - One pointless prologue to Saw 6.

**Review Written With Possible Spoilers** So i just saw Saw 5. And how to sum it up.. I think my brother summed it up best as "One long ass prologue for Saw 6."

Now i remember the first saw being one of the best films I've ever seen. Saw 2 was a major let down to me.. it was just too random and didn't have the calculated brilliance of Saw 1. Saw 3, i actually didn't mind, just because i found it more interesting then Saw 2. Saw 4 was pushing it but i kept on watching just cause all the little questions that had built up over the series had to be answered otherwise i couldn't sleep at night..

So we come to Saw 5... And what HUGE revelation do we get in this movie? ...... Well... actually we don't get one. Oh sure there is the back story of how Hoffman became the new saw killer.. But its so cheesy that a 6th grader could've strung it all together. And the story isn't...well...Good... There is no twist (none... NONE..).. And the entire movie we just see an agent going from scene to scene of the old Jigsaw crimes.. and somehow imagining how they all happened... by just standing there (and self narrating the past events..). There is a sub plot involving a bunch of 5 other subjects.. but if you don't pick how that ends after jigsaws "i wanna play a game rant" Then you've obviously never watched a saw movie. (**major spoiler** -also the 5 people in that subplot game didn't seem to mind killing each other at any given chance as well.. Not to mention it was random as.. the literally just turn on each other without giving reason.. then at the end instead of killing each other they decide to work together... it didn't really fit with the characters that we had been shown through the movie... Im surprised that the guy didn't shove the girls arm into the trap after finding out she was the one who set him up for the murder of the 8 people.. He just goes "Its your fault I'm here... But hey.. lets work together... Umm... OK...).

OK.. So lets ignore the terrible story that doesn't go anywhere (not to mention the B grade acting..) So we come to the traps... Saw 3 + 4 mainly rode on the fact that the traps got more and more gore filled then the original first movies.. And that helped carry them a bit since the story was semi lacking... So I'm confused why every trap in this movie... Is... Well lame.. We see a guy get sliced in half lamely.. A girl lose her head.. Some dude blown away without seeing anything.. Girl stabbed in the neck.. and a couple of people bleed a little out of their arms (probably the most violent scene in the movie..) Maybe the other titles have desensitized me to gore and violence.. But it was all quite tame in comparison.

Plus the lame attempt to fill half the movie with Flashbacks just to have jigsaw in the movie (while its nice to see Mr Tobin again..) just seemed like a massive time filler... Which sums this movie up nicely. Its just a filler. No questions are answered in this one... Apparently there is some huge underlining plot that we still aren't privvy to because the producers want to milk it for all its worth for at least another sequel. And you know what.. I'll see the damn sequel just cos i want to see how the series ends.. Which we all know is going to end with Hoffman getting killed by Gordan who will be the final new Jigsaw. We all know thats where its heading.... ;)

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 3 / 10

Unfortunately, the pieces don't fit together

Finally saw all the 'Saw' films prior to seeing 'Jigsaw' (as part of my wanting to see as many 2017 films as possible this year, during a quieter and less intensive period). Heard a lot about the films, good and bad, but wanted to see them for myself to know what to expect.

The films as an overall series are a very mixed bag. The original 'Saw' had a great premise and while it was problematic it was still pretty good and one of the best in the series. 'Saw II' had its own problems but it was still one of the few follow-ups to be just as good and have what made the first click as well as it did. Things did go downhill with the overblown and confusing 'Saw III', which was suggestive of not just the novelty wearing off but done to death. 'Saw IV' was an improvement, with some elements that made the first two work evident but still perplexed. 'Saw V' unfortunately is highly suggestive of the franchise having run out of ideas, there was little need for it other than to introduce the next film and it makes pretty much all the mistakes of the third instalment and fares even worse.

'Saw V' has a few plus points. The opening trap is actually very chilling and inventive, setting a promising standard that was wasted by the rest of the film failing to live up to it. The Edgar Allan Poe references are fun, though you'd have to be familiar with his work and the works that are being referenced to get them.

Music is suitably eerie once more and that Tobin Bell does so well with the very little he's given despite being criminally underused and woefully misused is a miracle in itself.

Only Bell gives a halfway decent performance here sadly. Scott Patterson is very wooden and Costas Mandyler is bland apart from one decent scene being him and Bell. Even worse are the victims are very thinly sketched and dully acted, Julie Benz coming over as the most indifferent in terms of her character and her acting. That it is very difficult to connect with any of the characters in any shape or form (the other films do a much job even with Jigsaw, actually a very interesting villain shamefully wasted here) and that the script is perhaps the dreariest, most tired and contrived of the series works against them.

With the exception of the opening trap, 'Saw V' fails on the creepiness and suspense. There aren't the truly ingenious traps (apart from that one), just as imaginative demises or the devilishly clever twists seen with primarily the twist ending of the first. The only twist that stands out, and in a bad way, is the rather obvious ending one. The rest of the traps/torture scenes are pornographic level and go too far with the gore to the point of being gratuitous. The investigative elements are dull and not particularly mysterious, and the story is the dullest and most convoluted to the point of incoherence. The flashbacks confuse the storytelling and bog it down rather than adding much and the re-used footage of the previous films feel more like a collection of deleted scenes.

It will absolutely be a very good idea to have seen the previous films before seeing this, otherwise you'll be completely lost. From my experience though even those who have seen the previous films will find themselves scratching their heads at times. Visually, it's neither elaborate or claustrophobic, especially in the editing it just looks rushed and shoddy straight to video level. David Hackl's visual style is heavy-handed and even for a first-time director this was amateurishly inept directing.

Concluding, a weak instalments where the pieces of the puzzle don't fit together. 3/10 Bethany Cox

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