Saw VI


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 36%
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Devon Bostick as Brent
Shawnee Smith as Amanda
Scott Patterson as Agent Peter Strahm
Athena Karkanis as Agent Perez
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 6 / 10

This game doesn't quite come full circle, but it's over halfway there

Finally saw all the 'Saw' films prior to seeing 'Jigsaw' (as part of my wanting to see as many 2017 films as possible this year, during a quieter and less intensive period). Heard a lot about the films, good and bad, but wanted to see them for myself to know what to expect.

The films as an overall series are a very mixed bag. The original 'Saw' had a great premise and while it was problematic it was still pretty good and one of the best in the series. 'Saw II' was one of the few sequels to be just as good and while flawed in its own way it had most of what made the first work. Sadly the novelty wore off in the next three sequels (though the fourth did have elements of what made the first two films work), the fifth especially being a let down. 'Saw VI' is one of the best of the series and the best sequel since the second.

'Saw VI' is not a great film by all means. The dialogue continues to be weak, was never a strength in the previous films and still isn't, being cheesy, half-baked, rambling and contrived. Of the performances, only a chilling Tobin Bell, with (a much better used this time round) Jigsaw continuing to fascinate in how the series does so well in setting him apart from most characters of his type, fares well. The others are saddled with characters that are either bland filler or resort to illogical decisions and are fairly perfunctory.

Ridiculousness was all over the previous films too, even in the first. 'Saw VI' doesn't escape that sadly either, the credibility and logic lapses are numerous and big.

However, although the editing is not exactly refined (some of it should come as a health warning for epileptics), 'Saw VI' is visually one of the most atmospheric, most elaborate and effectively claustrophobic films in the series. The music is suitably eerie and 'Saw VI' for me is the best directed since the second film, with things being tightened and steadied and things that were excessively done in instalments III-V toned down while still making impact.

For what it may lack in logic, 'Saw VI' makes up for it vastly in satiric bite, suspense and atmosphere, it is more taut in pace and is far easier to follow than the third and especially fifth films. Even with the gore, though it is not as excessive, there is a pleasing return to the most inventive traps, tortures and demises since the second film. The Russian Roulette carousel sequence is wonderfully executed and for me the best individual scene since that unforgettable twist ending of the first 'Saw'. There haven't been twists this devilishly clever or bold since the first either.

Unlike 'Saw V', which seemed only to exist to set this one up, 'Saw VI' actually did feel necessary despite fears. As seen with the contents of the letter from 'Saw III' being revealed much needed questions are answered, mysteries left unresolved are solved like with the box and Jigsaw's motives are clearer. The ending is easily the most satisfying one since the first 'Saw', the only sequel ending to not be obvious, incoherent or contrived, actually it's pretty disturbing and by the series' standards it makes sense. Bell continues to send chills down the spine.

Overall, one of the better 'Saw' sequels and one of the best of the series. 6/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by destinylives52 6 / 10

A Decent Addition To The Franchise

The sixth movie of the "Saw" franchise has the usual ingredients that fans of the series enjoy: traps that lead to gory deaths that will make the audience cringe and probably laugh, rapid-fire cuts in editing, a fast pace, and the surprise twists at the end. Although Jigsaw (played by Tobin Bell) is dead, he makes appearances through flashbacks and causes pain and suffering via his last wishes that is given to his wife and Costas Mandylor, who plays a dirty cop who continues the work of making people suffer and die for not appreciating their lives — apparently, being a smoker or a secretary to an insurance company is enough to put you in one of the traps. As Mandylor carries on the brutal games, the F.B.I. comes close to revealing who the new Jigsaw is, forcing Mandylor's hand to prevent this from happening.

My most memorable, movie moment of "Saw VI" is the scene when Shawnee Smith's character is revealed to have some connection with what happened to Jigsaw's unborn child — a connection that will lead to some of the crucial moments of this movie.

Making most of the victims in "Saw VI" health insurance workers was an interesting way to try to get the audience to get more emotionally involved in the story. After all, isn't it more fun to see characters you hate suffer? Despite this and the extra revelations of how some major characters are connected with the others, this series is well past retirement age. But as long as it is profitable, Hollywood will prop it up on walkers and an oxygen tank and put it to work again.


Reviewed by jtindahouse 9 / 10

Incredibly good for a fifth sequel

The biggest strength the 'Saw' series possesses it how intelligent they are, however the biggest weakness the series possesses is that too many of the film aren't unique enough and don't have personally identifying features. So where does 'Saw VI' fall in terms of those two parameters? As far as intelligence goes it is up there with the smartest in the series. It is thought-provoking, challenging and has an extremely clever twist ending. It succeeds in this area as much as, if not more than, every other entry in the series. What about in terms of being unique though? Again this is the only fault with the film, as it is with many of the later editions. It feels very similar in format and style to every other film and when there are seven entries in your series, that makes them very hard to separate in your mind.

I really enjoyed 'Saw VI'. It is everything a 'Saw' film should be. The brutality is immense, the layers to the story are plentiful and the ending is superbly executed. I would say the dialogue in this one is perhaps less memorable in spots than other films in the series, but only in a very minor way. This is probably the best of the latter editions to the series and one that ensured the series would have a lasting impact on a lot of people. A 'Saw' entry not to be missed.

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