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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 48%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 84%
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Cary Elwes as Dr. Lawrence Gordon
Dina Meyer as Kerry
Makenzie Vega as Diana Gordon
Shawnee Smith as Amanda
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ocelot-05 9 / 10

Two strangers mysteriously wake up to find themselves in a derelict basement. Together, they find out how to escape, and if they are really strangers...

I have utmost respect for Wan. To my knowledge, he and his buddies were right out of film school. Instead of slowly building status by making mediocre films, he showed the world right from the get-go that he had something to prove.

Along with Silence Of The Lambs, Saw is the only horror movie that truly chills me. You see, I am not easily frightened by gratuitous bloodshed and screams that you might see in films like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The plot has to be coherent, and there can't be anything ridiculous like a monster. Saw evokes strong emotions of terror and fear, all the while remaining plausible. Well, the story is actually unlikely, but everything in the film is physically possible.

The scenes that are meant to be frightening don't require things that jump out at you every two seconds, or cheesy orchestral flailings. The situation is what frightens you, not the presentation. Saw does have some second-rate acting, but then again it is a low-budget film and I suppose they couldn't exactly afford Robert De Niro. The script is not fantastic, but one true redeeming quality of the whole film is the story. It is dense, complex, but so captivating. I can only think of a few mystery plot lines that can even compare to this one. The Usual Suspects is probably up there, but Saw stands alone.

I strongly recommend this film who appreciate good stories, and aren't easily scared by the garbage you see in theaters like House Of Wax. For people who get squeamish, steer clear of this film. It is very nice graphic, and very sadistic at times. A brilliant debut, and a terrifying ride. 9/10.

Reviewed by nilen-51573 4 / 10

Im surprised that his plan worked.

When I saw this movie I stated to realy think about som details in the plot, which made me dont really like it. Its mostly the ending where one of the guys saw of his foot and the other is left to die. But he did not need to do that and the other guy will most likely be found. The excop where chasing the though "mastermind" in a dangerous car chase to that location. It will have been noticed and the police should find the cars and find the others after that. So when the "climatic" ending happend I was not movied and just though how unnecessary it was.

Reviewed by jabkopski 10 / 10

BEst movie

Cant fdind a better one And all is good and everything is fine. Good best and best

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